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12 Subliminal Messages In Popular Advertisements

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 7:05 am

Big corporations have been using subliminal messages in their advertisements and promotions from a very long time. As you know, a subliminal message is something only our subconscious mind can understand. The science says that such subliminal messages do influence our mind and thinking patterns. Advertising agencies sneak such psychical content in their advertisements to tune people's mind into buying their products. See the following 12 subliminal messages found in the popular brands ads. Do check out our Company Logos with Hidden Messages and Disney Subliminal Messages list for more hidden messages that you may have not noticed.
1.Little Mermaid

Ok so even Disney are into subliminal messaging as this example shows from the Little Mermaid. Yes as you can see in that glitzy castle behind the main characters there is a pillar that is basically a giant penis. Hopefully kids do not see it or understand what they are looking at.

2.Baskin Robbins

This is very clever when it comes to advertising because as you can see the pink part also says 31 and what is the significance of that? 31 is the number of different flavors that they have, so it is all very well thought out and the person that put this together is certainly very good at their job.


This is actually quite clever because if you look closely at the TiT part of the name you will see that it resembles two people sharing the product itself along with a dip in a bowl. This is designed to get you thinking as to how good it would be to do exactly this.

4.Coke Subliminal Message

Coca-Cola is inarguably one of the biggest beverage companies in the world. Like many other larger corporations, Coca-Cola has been linked to many conspiracy theories and creepy stories. The company has allegedly used subliminal messages in their advertisements on more than one occasion. This particular hidden message is found on the old coke vending machines. They had a big coke can picture printed on them. If you look carefully, the frost on top of the can resembles a naked woman lying on her side! Can you see it? Hey, do you really think that it is a subliminal message? Many people think so!

Coke Subliminal Message-12 Subliminal Messages In Popular Advertisements

5.Abuse advert

This advert is seriously clever because an adult sees the one on the left, but a child under 10, thanks to their height, sees the one on the right complete with the telephone number to call. Whoever came up with this idea is an absolute genius and you do wonder how many children have then taken action and called.


This is just part of the Wendy's logo and you thought it was just some necklace. However, that is not quite true because instead it does actually spell out mom, but once again this is only something that you notice when it is pointed out to you.


You do wonder how somebody managed to spot this in the first place, but then when this particular piece of art is pointed out to you it suddenly becomes so obvious that you have no idea how you managed to miss it. Obviously this is an artist that tried to get away with being cheeky and they kind of succeeded.


8.Benson & Hedges

At first this appears to be completely normal, but take a closer look at the guys left hand. Look at what is between his thumb and fingers. What is he actually holding there? It is certainly not a packed of Benson & Hedges that is for sure.

9.DJ Flooring

This is pretty amazing to think that it was actually allowed in the Yellow Pages because as soon as you turn this advert upside down you see that the drawing does completely change from being something quite innocent to something that is, well, not so innocent as you can see.



This is actually something that the magazine SFX got into trouble for because they changed the typeset of their logo in order to hint at something else. This led to their website becoming more notorious as a result and there is no doubt that you are drawn to what you think it says rather than the truth.

11.Camel Cigarettes Subliminal Message

This picture is an oldie, but goodie. At first, no one can tell what is wrong with the picture. That is because an active mind can't always pick the subliminal image on the cigarette pack, but the subconscious mind can. If you look closely, you will see a small boy holding his penis and peeing. The subliminal picture resembles the famous Manneken Pis statue in Brussels, Belgium. Some people on the internet argue that the outline depicts a nude adult man with a hard-on. No one has an idea of why a cigarette company needs do that.

Camel Cigarettes Subliminal Message-12 Subliminal Messages In Popular Advertisements



This was an old KFC advert and if you pause it at the right minute, then you will see that the lettuce part actually turns into drawings of small dollar bills. This only lasts for a split second, but it does happen and you can only imagine that it is linked to the fact that it basically costs you $1 to buy it.


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