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15 Terrible Jokes That Are Actually Funny

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 8:38 am

This topic is a collection 15 offbeat jokes that need you to dig deep to find the joke! They sound outright terrible, but boy, when you manage to fish the humor in them, you are going laugh very hard. Nerds or wordsmiths should get the jokes straightaway. To help the rest of the people, we have neatly explained the joke. Don't read the description above the pictures unless you think you can't crack open the joke on your own! Hey, reread every joke a couple of times, and we are sure you will get it.  We are saying it again; these jokes are terrible, but they are hilarious as well. 
1.Something That's Red and Bad For Your Teeth?

Isn't that funny? No? Read it again, and you may find it funny. As the title says, this is a collection of jokes which are actually terrible, but are funny if you can get the dark or anti humor behind them. Anti jokes, puns etc make your brain think for a while to understand them. Now, read this joke again, and we bet you may now find that funny.

Something That's Red and Bad For Your Teeth?-15 Terrible Jokes That Are Actually Funny

2.Have Cold? Try This?

Have you got this joke yet? We hope you understood the joke by now. Let us explain this joke to all those who are still didn't get the joke. 'Degree's is a metric unit used to measure temperature, just like 'Fahrenheit'. In the joke, 90 degrees is referring to temperature, as well as 'angle' of walls.

Have Cold? Try This?-15 Terrible Jokes That Are Actually Funny

3.This Forrest Gump Joke

Should we laugh at this joke or not? Um, we guess we can. Be assured you aren't going to hell for laughing at this! By the way, did you get the joke? If you have seen the movie, you should be chuckling already. If you haven't seen the movie, allow us to explain the joke. The password "1Forrest1" sounds similar to "run Forrest run", a famous catchphrase originated from the Forrest Gump movie. Jenny Curran, a childhood friend of Forrest Gump, yells, "Run Forrest, run…" when a bunch of bullies on their bicycles try to chase him.

This Forrest Gump Joke-15 Terrible Jokes That Are Actually Funny

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