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Terrible Pics Depicting Priorities Of People

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 3:53 pm

1.Very screwed up

This is in the UK and it shows how our priorities can be screwed up when it comes to what we are exposed to. Oh so it is fine to see somebody being killed in a drama, but as soon as somebody gets their boobs out there is uproar at it. Come on folks..get a grip

2.Priority of money

Well this is a statistic that should make you stop and think about things because what is actually best to spend your money on? That saving mentioned on there is absolutely massive and imagine how the country would benefit by it, but instead our priority is buying guns.

3.But burgers are tasty

This shows you how we screw things up even with what we pay people because why should our priority be a burger when there are guys and gals out there risking their lives on a daily basis and they are being paid less? Are we actually insane?

4.Is this serious?

You just really hope that this person is not being serious here and that the entire thing is a joke. However, if it is real, then we as a human race are in more trouble than we probably realized because if there are people like this out there, then we are screwed.

5.Animals over humans?

This image is so, so true because we do tend to put more emotion into an animal being treated inhumanely rather than humans being treated in that way. Why do we do that? Why do we put more on one thing than the other?

6.But it's sparkly

You know even though the search for diamonds is a massive business it is still a fact that it basically involves some slave labor in order to get them. However, our priority is when it looks nice on a piece of jewelry because surely that is all that matters?

7.Is beer the most important thing?

OK so there is a flood and you want to save as many of your personal belongings as possible, so would beer be the most important thing? What about the things you own that actually have memories attached as opposed to something that hampers your memory?


8.Yes just stay on the phone

This is unreal. Your baby has just managed to be dropped to the ground due to your pushchair collapsing, but you still hang onto your phone and carry on your conversation. Where is the concern for your child in all of this?

9.What is more important?

Well lets be serious here for a minute because what is the most important thing out of these three options? Yes each one may come with some sadness, but is the death of one person more important than sacrifices made by soldiers?


10.Yes go on finish the race

Clearly this guy has his priorities completely wrong because he is now more concerned about finishing the race than the fact that he is famous around the world for this single photograph. Do you think he was in with a chance of winning?

11.A fair point

There is a fair point here because it should always be the case that neither are okay to do rather than just one over the other. A slight alteration to what is important is required here.


12.You are doing your hair?

This is surely showing that you do indeed have the wrong priorities because you have just turned your car over, but your main concern is your hair? What is wrong with you? Did you bang your head hard or something?


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