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Things You Didn't Know About Russia

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 1:35 pm

1.Most Killed During World War II

The Soviets suffered many more casualties than any other country during World War II. Losing up to thirty million individuals, including civilians, that makes up for about fourteen percent of the Russian population. It is believed that more Soviets were lost in the Battle of Stalingrad than American soldiers were lost during the entire world war.

2.High Incidence Of Alcohol Poisoning

During the holidays, Russians typically enter a week long binge, spending up to $400 on alcohol. Up to 23,000 people subsequently die of alcohol poisoning, with other alcohol related deaths such as assaults, homicides and suicides coming in a close second. As a result, life expectancy is only sixty three in Russia.


The Russian space program launched Sputnick in 1959 and it's first manned flight by Yuri Gagarin in 1962, achieving major success in the eyes of the world. Their cosmonauts were armed with a triple barreled pistol called the TP082, which was to protect them if they landed in hostile areas.

4.Serial Killers

Russia is one of the top countries for serial killers with some of them becoming in famous, such as The Butcher of Rostov," "The Bhessboard Killer," or "Metal Fang," who wore metal teeth. Nikolai Dzhumagaliev accused of killing seven pr0stitutes and was caught in 1981. The cannibal often served his victims to his friends and it is believed he may have killed as many as one hundred victims.

5.Conception Day

Governor Sergi Morozov made a proactive choice to deal with the country's diminishing population by introducing September 12th as "Day of Conception." On this day, couples get a half day off from work in order to go home and have sex, in the hopes of conceiving. A prize is given to the couple who have their baby as close to nine months later, specifically on June 12th.

6.Samagon - Homemade Liquor

Samagon is a homemade liquor in Russia, kind of like moonshine in the United States. Russians are desperate enough to buy these types of alcohol, often made in someone's kitchen, which can have alcohol levels that are twice as high as standard alcohol. Typically made with toxic ingredients, this is a risky venture that many Russians partake in.

7.Dash Cams

We've all seen footage on YouTube of Russian drivers on the highways, via dash cams, but the real reason they have them is to protect themselves from fraud. The staging of accidents in Russia is becoming more and more common, as drivers profit from insurance claims and lawsuits. In order to protect themselves from these kinds of scams, they want a video record of any accident.


8.TKM World Link

Russia has begun a program to build three tunnel across the Bering Strait, connecting Russia to North America, via Alaska. The undersea tunnels are called TKM-World Link, costing an estimated $65 billion. Fears about the remoteness and challenging climate have caused some to question the practicality of the project, which could save Russia billions in shipping costs.

9.Leading Importer of Krokodil

As a leading importer of heroin, and now krokodil, the over the countery opiate is up to ten times more potent than morphine. The name is derived from addicts developing crocodile-like, scaly skin. If bad skin was the only side effect, it might not be so bad, but the fillers used in the manufacturing of the drug are gasoline and paint thinner which kills the skin around the injection site, causing a domino effect, with amputation of limbs common place.


10.Top Country For Murdered Reporters

Journalists frequently loose their lives when reporting Russia for examining state secrets in a country where preservation of what goes on behind closed doors, is a top priority. When Anna Politkovskaya was beaten and poisoned, leading to her being shot in 2006, it became worldwide news. But since the early 1990's many journalists have suffered the same fate.

11.Not All Russians Drink Vodka

Not all Russians drink vodka. Yes it is popular in Russia, but people are individuals and have their own choices of drink, just like we do. The stereotype is just that, and it's like saying that all Italians only eat spaghetti, or that the French only eat frogs legs, yummy, but not true.


12.It's Not Always Cold

Russia is not always cold, in fact they do have a summer. People go to the beach, go swimming, bike riding and whatever else you would normally do during nice weather. Russia is known for being an ice block in the winter and that's what people typically see on the news.


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