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Top 15 Cheerleading Fails That Will Make You Lol

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 12:07 pm

Cheerleading is fun. Cheerleaders are pretty! Only after you see these cheerleading fails pictures you will realize cheerleading is not an easy job, and it isn't really for everyone. Do you know cheerleading is predominantly an American culture that spread to the other countries in the recent years? The history of cheerleading goes back to the 18th century. As expected, organized cheering first started in American colleges, as girls back then were trying to cheer their college sports teams. Over the years it evolved big until it became a profession. Check these fifteen cheerleading fails, and we bet you will laugh out loud at them! 

#6 The Acrobat

Somebody has to tell this cheerleader that she is doing her acrobatic routine wrong. Well we say that, but maybe she is trying something brand new that is going to amaze and astound people. On second thoughts it will just be her doing a face plant into the ground at what looks like a scary angle that surely could not have been good for her neck and back?

The Acrobat-Top 15 Cheerleading Fails That Will Make You Lol


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