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15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 12:44 pm

Drinking is fun as long as people don't overdo it. If you drink a pint or two, you are probably going to have a good time partying with friends, but if you booze too much, it ruins not only the good time but also the subsequent days with a terrible hangover. Ideally, you should enjoy alcohol, and you should never let it play with your brain or liver! Sadly, too many people don't know how to drink safely and end up dumping an ocean of beer or liquor in their bellies. Result? Passing out even before the DJ drops the beat! Look at the 15 unfortunate people who passed out first, and see what their friends did to them!
1.Wasted and Painted

This is the reason why you shouldn't drink so much or so fast just to avoid being that first guy in the group to pass out. By the time you pass out, your friends will already be in a drunken state, and they will never leave any chance of doing the worst they could do to you! Well, they may not kill you, but they will make you look something like this guy in this image!

Wasted and Painted-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

2.When 'Forever Alone' Guy Gets Boobs

It was lucky for him, as it was just a plain drawing with a sketch pen/marker. We all remember seeing 'forever alone' meme only with face. Thanks to this passed out guy in this picture and his friends, now that forever alone meme got some boobs! Those who came up with this idea are truly creative!

When 'Forever Alone' Guy Gets Boobs-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

3.Item Packed, and Ready for Delivery

There you go! One more dude got passed out and fell prey to his drunk friends. They tied him up, and packed him, as if he was a dead body! Imagine what he feels like when he wakes up only to find his hands, legs and entire body packed! Don't get wasted!

Item Packed, and Ready for Delivery-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

4.Silver Marker or Unicorn Blood?

Yes, he must have toiled so hard the morning after to get rid of that ink off his face. When people are drunk, they find everything cool. Sometimes, they don't even think of possible risks. They may hurt their passed out friends badly in an attempt to tease or make fun of them with their weird acts.

Silver Marker or Unicorn Blood?-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

5.This is Painful

It's all fun when you are drunk, and you may even tape your passed out friend completely with a duct tape. Say, you are now sober and so does your friend. How do you restore that man back to normal? And, yes, that will be seriously painful to that guy who got taped. Who comes up with ideas like these, seriously?

This is Painful-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

6.Bonzo, the Banana Sucker!

Here is yet another unfortunate dude who was turned into a weird banana sucker by his drunk friends. We bet you can't stop laughing at this one. His friends decorated his head with pastry. They kept a banana near his mouth making it look like he is sucking someone's D.

Bonzo, the Banana Sucker!-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

7.A Ritual for First Time Passed Out People

We are kidding! There's no such ritual. This is really cool though! This is one good way to play with your passed out friends! He wasn't harmed there. That passed out folk will not mind even if people see this picture! That guy has got some really good friends.

A Ritual for First Time Passed Out People-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First


8.Creepy as Hell

When people pass out, they usually close their eyes. But this guy's friends painted his eye lids so he looks like he is seeing. Eyelid painting has gone a little too far here though, which made this guy look like some kind of creepy bloodsucking zombie! But the writings on his hands make him a complete Di** sucking Satan.

Creepy as Hell-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

9.See at Your Own Risk

We bet you are not going to forget this face soon. Let's only hope that you don't see this fellow in your dreams! He is the true definition of creepiness! That wig, face paint and everything there looks scary. He even peed in his pants! Well, we aren't sure if he really pissed in his pants or it was made up to look like that by his friends.

See at Your Own Risk-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First


10.Lord of the Vegetables Rings

This is the funniest of all passed out pictures of people we have seen. We bet you can't stop laughing at this one. This guy with all those fruits and vegetables look unusually strange, creepy and even funny. You can see his face resembling walrus, rabbit, bat and few more animals. Those who want to play with drunk friends; you can play with them like this without hurting or putting them in trouble.

Lord of the Vegetables Rings-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

11.Drunk, Passed Out, But Maintained Balance

If you have never seen a passed out person in your life before, this is your turn now. They hardly move! This is the reason why people call it 'stoned' when passed out from alcohol. You can check how this guy's friends' were able to balance those plastic cups perfectly.

Drunk, Passed Out, But Maintained Balance-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First


12.He Will Never Drink So Much in His Life Again

This too is one of the best images of passed out people we have seen so far. They put a hat on his head; put some necklace, and even put a bra on him. This must be the most shared picture of him by his friends, as it even made it on the internet. He is for sure regretting drinking on that night.

He Will Never Drink So Much in His Life Again-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

13.Alcohol Can Turn You into a Red Monster

Another one bites the dust! This time, this guy's friends turned him into a creepy red monster. He looks like he's bleeding from him eyes, nose and even nipples. Enjoy your alcohol in limits, and use it only to get drunk, not to get wasted like this and become a topic for discussion on the internet. 

Alcohol Can Turn You into a Red Monster-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

14.Suckers, Suckers Everywhere!

This is crazy! This passed out person got suckers stuck all over his body! Whose idea was that? This will make anyone laugh. Oh boy, those suckers are everywhere! If you look, you can even find them at places they shouldn't be at! Imagine this person waking up next morning only to check this photo being circulated in his friends' circle. 

Suckers, Suckers Everywhere!-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

15.Hangs There Like a Bat

Imagine all his friends left, and he woke up sometime in the morning! He could go mad as he doesn't even understand where he is and what happened to him! Of all the pictures we have seen, this one was little extreme. It was dangerous too. He may fall on ground and hurt his head if the duct tapes fail to withstand his weight.

Hangs There Like a Bat-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First


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