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15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 12:44 pm

Drinking is fun as long as people don't overdo it. If you drink a pint or two, you are probably going to have a good time partying with friends, but if you booze too much, it ruins not only the good time but also the subsequent days with a terrible hangover. Ideally, you should enjoy alcohol, and you should never let it play with your brain or liver! Sadly, too many people don't know how to drink safely and end up dumping an ocean of beer or liquor in their bellies. Result? Passing out even before the DJ drops the beat! Look at the 15 unfortunate people who passed out first, and see what their friends did to them!
4.Silver Marker or Unicorn Blood?

Yes, he must have toiled so hard the morning after to get rid of that ink off his face. When people are drunk, they find everything cool. Sometimes, they don't even think of possible risks. They may hurt their passed out friends badly in an attempt to tease or make fun of them with their weird acts.

Silver Marker or Unicorn Blood?-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

5.This is Painful

It's all fun when you are drunk, and you may even tape your passed out friend completely with a duct tape. Say, you are now sober and so does your friend. How do you restore that man back to normal? And, yes, that will be seriously painful to that guy who got taped. Who comes up with ideas like these, seriously?

This is Painful-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

6.Bonzo, the Banana Sucker!

Here is yet another unfortunate dude who was turned into a weird banana sucker by his drunk friends. We bet you can't stop laughing at this one. His friends decorated his head with pastry. They kept a banana near his mouth making it look like he is sucking someone's D.

Bonzo, the Banana Sucker!-15 Unfortunate People Who Passed Out First

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