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Unusual And Funny Christmas Ornaments

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:30 pm


If you have an undying love for men and fish, then an ornament like this might seem exciting to you. This Mer-man ornament seems more like a novelty, rather than a Christmas tree decoration. His top half is masculine and hunky. Meanwhile, his bottom belongs to Ariel of The Little Mermaid.

2.Grinch Ornament

Making your own ornaments is no easy task and this little Grinch was made out of recycled items. The next time one of your light bulbs blows out, just paint it green and draw a Grinch face on it. The facial features aren't perfect, but the creator got the shade of green right.

3.Fish Head Ornament

If a fish head ornament with dangling guts doesn't get you in the holiday spirit, then nothing will. The fish mirrors one of SpongeBob Squarepants' undersea friends. He even looks happy to be dead and dangling from a piece of wire. At least this ornament doesn't really smell like fish.

4.Star Trek Ornaments

Santas, Nutcrackers, Angels and elves are just some of the 'people' figurines that people hang on their Christmas tree. However, there are a couple of Star Trek characters that have been known to make a Christmas tree appearance or two. Trekkies around the globe must buy these ornaments by the truckload. With these ornaments, you can stare at Spock and Captain James T. Kirk on his weird chair for 25 days straight.

5.Grenade Ornament

Christmas is supposed to be a happy time; filled with love, peace and happiness. This grenade ornament does not help keep the holiday cheer intact. There is nothing cheerful about grenades. They are used in times of battle to kill, so it's unusual to see something so negative associated with a holiday like Christmas.

6.Christmas Buttocks Ornaments

These ornaments are called the Santa & Reindeer Tootin's Tushies. Why waste material on creating a whole ornament, when you can just build the buttocks instead. The best part of about these ornaments is if they fall off the tree, they won't break. The bad part is, since they're darting ornaments, they'll probably make a noise when they fall.

7.Burger and Fries Ornament

These two ornaments will have you drooling for some Burger King or Sonic. The burger and fries don't look very appealing, but their presence makes you want to run out buy the real thing. In fact, both the burger and fries look as though they've been sitting in a dark room collecting dust and mold.


8.Sushi Ornament

This sushi platter is both unique and odd. It's not every day that you see sushi rolls adorning a Christmas tree. The platter does look good enough to eat, but it's so out of left field to put something like this on a tree. The ornament is dull-looking and doesn't have that pop of color ornaments typically have. and the City Ornaments

There's nothing wrong with being a huge fan of a television show, but some guilty pleasures should remain hidden. These sex and the City ornaments are perfect for a woman who wants to make her Christmas tree sassy and girly. However, these ornaments are inappropriate for a woman with a family. When little 4-year-old Katie asks what 'sex' is, I hope her mom is ready to explain it.


10.Poop Ornament

This poop ornament takes a crap all over Christmas. The person who created this ornament needs to have their head examined. Though it resembles a pastry dusted with powdered sugar, its true concept leaves a bad taste in your mouth. This ornament is good enough to be placed in the back of the tree.

11.Bacon Ornament

MMmm, there's nothing better than seeing a slice of bacon dangling from a Christmas tree. Of course, this piece of bacon isn't edible, but it certainly makes you crave some. Quite frankly, this doesn't look like bacon at all, but to someone who loves the greasy substance it probably does.


12.Christmas Pickle Ornament

At first glance, seeing a pickle on a Christmas tree may seem weird. However, putting a pickle ornament on a tree is a positive thing. In the USA, a pickle ornament is placed in a hidden area of theChristmas tree. The person who finds the pickle receives either a prize or good fortune for the next year.


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