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15 Most Useless And Pointless Websites On Internet

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 8:29 am

Useless websites aren't uncommon on the Internet. There are over 1 billion websites on the web. It is really a staggering number because most people on the planet are not technical enough to build a website! There may be millions of websites on the internet, but we only know the names of a few dozen. An average person visits 4 to 5 websites a day that includes mail, news, video, social networking, forum and general information sites. 
Well, one billion is an enormous number - which means the World Wide Web is indeed an ocean, and we cannot entirely browse every one of it even if we dedicate every minute of our life doing so! When there are so many websites, there's always a scope to find the most useless, pointless or utterly retarded websites on the internet. It's now the time to see this exclusive collection of 15 most useless websites we found on the internet. They may be pointless, but some of them aren't boring at all! If you are a procrastinator, you are sure to hook up with one of these websites and probably waste a good amount of time on it!

Watch the colorful dogs running on the screen with an 8-bit soundtrack playing on the background, until you get bored! Most Useless And Pointless Websites On Internet

Turn your cursor into a duck generator and draw as many ducks as you want on the website's home page while Disney's "Duck Tales" music plays in the background! Oh yes, a pointless website! However, it can be an instant and magic cure for untreatable boredom! Most Useless And Pointless Websites On Internet

A wiggly worm is ready to greet you at All you have to do is move the cursor so the worm starts moving as well. Shake the mouse vigorously if you want to see something very interesting! Stay away from the site if you suffer from epilepsy (seizures). Most Useless And Pointless Websites On Internet

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