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Videos Paused At The Absolutely Funny Moment

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 8:56 am

1.A poorly timed pic

Now is this unfortunate timing or was it actually meant to be like that? Whatever the answer may be there is no doubt that it is rather unfortunate timing to be seen taking a picture as the guy bends over.


Well this pause just seems to be wrong on so many levels that you just do not know where to begin. It is one of those moments where you want to find out what is happening to satisfy your mind, but then there is part of your mind that feels it is not prepared for what it might see.

3.That's gotta hurt

This is a paused moment from one of those home video shows and it is hilarious just because of the look on the guys face. We do not need to see what happened before this moment because we can already tell just by his reaction and by the way every guy that looks at this is reacting as well. Solidarity brother!

4.Eyes on stalks

This woman must be mortified when she sees this because the look on her face is absolutely priceless. You can see the lust in her eyes for that cake and you feel that two seconds later she is face first into it and devouring it as quickly as possible to satisfy her need.

5.Orgasmic food

Well this actress would probably prefer it if nobody else saw this still because it does make her look as if she has two false eyes and they are rolling around her head in different directions. Either that or she is just overwhelmed with the smell of the food.

6.Riding that invisible horse

Well with this paused moment it does look as if somebody has actually managed to steal the guys horse or it is invisible to us. He certainly has that riding pose to his body, but then look at the guy over his left shoulder. He clearly knows something is wrong as he appears to be cringing, so he knows what is happening next.

7.Well this is unfortunate

What this appears to show is a half man half jaws like character and that is very strange to say the least. The character appears to be so bad that it does then make it very funny to see it paused like this because the people behind the movie would certainly hope that it would look a bit better than this.


8.Is this necessary?

Well we all know that Simon Cowell likes to be a bit harsh with his comments, but is there any need for this gesture? Was he aware of what he was doing? Does it come naturally to him? Does he care?

9.It just looks so wrong

OK it is not important to know what this comes from because all you need to know is that it just looks so wrong in something that is clearly going to be a family film. No wonder the guy appears to have a smile on his face and the others appear to be interested in what is going on and that should come as no surprise.


10.Has she deflated?

You just look at this face and you wonder what on earth is going on because there is no way that that is human. Did she pull a funny face as a child and the wind changed and it did indeed stick like that?

11.Chew your jaw off!!

Well when there is a height difference and you are trying to face up to a guy you need to do something a bit different and that is what is going on here. The guy in the white has decided that the only way he can get the upper hand is to try to chew the chin off the other guy, but is he intimidated? Probably not.


12.What is wrong with Oprah?

Well this is not exactly the most flattering picture that you will ever see of Oprah as it looks as if she is constipated and trying to deal with it during her show. Either that or the curry she just had is not agreeing with her.


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