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Viral Photos That Turned Out To Be Fake

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 9:22 am

1.A purple tree forest

Well this certainly looks nice with all of those purple trees around a river. The idea is that this is a part of Scotland and people genuinely believed that there were purple trees there, but of course it was all done by photoshop as no purple trees exist. Oh and it is not even in Scotland.


At first glance this just looks to be a cute baby polar bear and you can see how people would have been fooled by it. However, it is actually just a soft toy that was for sale online and the only real part is the human hand holding it.

3.A strong fetus

How anybody could fall for this image is difficult to understand, but there were a lot of people who saw this and thought about how amazing it actually was. However, there are a few problems and the first one is that the fetus would need to be Chuck Norris in order to have its foot appearing like that because there are so many layers it would have to get through to then stand a chance.

4.A castle on an island

People know that a castle has to do what it can in order to protect itself from invaders, but how could anybody believe that this actually existed? What you actually have here is a combination of a real castle from Germany along with a bit of rock in Thailand and of course some good photoshop skills to produce it in the first place.

5.A hippy owl

Yes this owl does look as if it has become a hippy and it is right into flower power, but it is simply a normal owl that has been colored in like a coloring in book for children. Lets be honest here it does look better like this and bird watching would be a lot more fun if they looked like this.

6.We didn't actually build it

This shows how photoshop can potentially have an impact on a political campaign because people actually believed that this image was real. In actual fact both the debt screen and the "We built it" part did exist in the same hall, but on opposite sides and this was simply pasted together.

7.Don't get off the escalator

This photograph was apparently showing what happened after a shark tank burst at a shopping mall in Kuwait. This all sounds rather dramatic, but there are a couple of problems. First, there is not a burst shark tank as it is just a shot of sharks swimming around and secondly the mall is in Toronto and not the Middle East. However, apart from that it is totally accurate.


8.Silly Bush

This photograph is famous around the world as it apparently shows George Bush being a bit stupid and listening to a kid reading while he has his own book upside down. However, he may be stupid, but he is certainly not that thick as the entire thing has been made up by a computer.

9.Fairies are real

This is a film prop, but a guy in England decided to sell it on Ebay and made up this entire story about it being a real fairy and it was all supposed to be a joke. However, he ended up having to tell people that it was fake and then the fairy believers started to give him abuse for what they thought was him telling a lie and that this prop was in actual fact real.


10.Watch out for the shark!!

This is the kind of photograph where you just wish that it was real because it would be insanely cool if it was. As you can see the image appears to show a shark leaping out of the water in order to try to grab the guy on the ladder from the helicopter. It looks dramatic, but it is all a figment of the creators imagination.

11.The tourist on the twin towers

This has to be one of the most famous fake photos to have ever existed. The story behind it was that this tourist was at the top of the twin towers as the plane was about to hit and you see it in the background. They say that the image was recovered from a camera that was found in the rubble, but the entire thing was just fake.


12.Kids on computers

The story behind this photograph is that the kids refused to leave their computers even after flooding occurred in the Philippines. However, the water was photoshopped in, so yes they were playing their computers, but there was no water.


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