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Wackiest Pants

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 12:42 pm

1.Anatomically Correct Pants

Hey, why hide it. If you've got it, flaunt it. This guy lets it all hang out with these anatomically correct dress pants. The question is whether the pants are all him, or if they've been "enhanced." Either way, this guy looks happy to see all of us, and is strutting his stuff for all to see.

2.Action Pants

Lights, camera, action. That's what these pants say to anyone who sees this person walking away. A budding actor, producer or director? Maybe, maybe not. It's hard to say who is wearing these pants, but whoever they are, they want to be noticed for their creativity, and they most certainly will be.

3.Owl Butt

There are many cute names for the butt, but owl isn't one of them. The owl is regal and known for being wise, but this owl is relegated to be on someone's backside. No wonder he looks so annoyed, his nose is inching up this man's butt crack with every step he takes.

4.Kitty Knees

Meow, meow. These cute, stretchy, leather style pants have one unique feature. The knees have kitty cat faces and ears on the knees. The kitty doesn't look to happy, so one can only assume that maybe the wearer of thee pants is no her knees too often for their liking.

5.Chef Pants

These pants seems to have many functions, that are interchangeable. Designed to look like chef pants, or at least, the pants of someone who likes to eat, they also double as a place to put your television remotes as well. So if you put it all together, these pants are for someone who likes to eat and watch television.

6.Cheeky Eyes

We all wish we had eyes in the back of our heads sometimes. Well, with these pants, you kind of do. The eyes are a little lower than your head, though. Sitting under your butt cheeks, both eyes stare down anyone who is checking out your rear as you walk away, and hey, maybe they guard your wallet too.

7.Peugeot Pants

Nice tail lights. A clever pair of pants inspired by Peugeot, the red tail lights tell anyone to stop before grabbing. The Peugeot logo sits precariously at the center with the make of the car on the right. One can only hope that her headlights are beaming on the other side.



When pockets were invented they were made to carry money and wallets were made to fit those pockets. Nowadays, with smartphones and tablets, the need for a newly designed pocket is necessary. Since the designers of our new technology didn't bother to have them fit our existing pockets, what else would we do?

9.Accordian Pants

The designer of these pants must have had a tune in his head, but we all feel for this model who had to wear them as he strutted down the runway. The big questions was whether the accordion pleats actually did make music as he walked, or if he just looked ridiculous for fun.


10.Horses And Zebras

What is this couple thinking? The couple that wears hideous pants together, stays together? Him in his lime green and blue horsies, and she in her pink and white zebras, they probably fit in on the gold course, but no where else, exept for maybe a horse stable. Yee Haw.

11.Diamond Jack

Something seems to happen to men somewhere between sixty and the golf course. They actually seems to think that the brighter they dress the more attention they will get. While that statement is true, it's definitely not the kind of intention they hoped for. Instead of standing out for their good qualities, they look like aging clowns.


12.Farty Pants

How would you like to own a pair of these pants? With all hoopla over charcoal undies to hide flatulence, these pants let it all hang out. Obviously meant to be a joke, the fart seems to be escaping the pants with a rip roaring explosion. It would be funny to see people's reaction as this man walked down the street.


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