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Why Schmidt From New Girl Should Be Your Friend

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 9:06 am

1.He likes funny hats

He is not afraid of wearing funny hats and you have to say that this is one of the strangest hats you will see since the yellow cartoon character does not go well with a pink shirt. The thing is, he just does not care about that and that self-confidence is something we could all do with.

2.He is happy with himself

It is always easier when your friend is happier with themselves and there is no doubt that Schmidt does indeed love who he is. Ok so he thinks that we should celebrate him and that might be taking it too far.

3.Honest about families

He does certainly seem to have some insight into the way that families work as there is a tendency to ignore certain things in the hope that they do indeed go away. He seems to have his finger on the pulse of so many things and that is what makes him such a good friend.

4.He drives with moccasins

Come on he drives wearing moccasins and have you ever heard anything cooler than that? The chances are that you will now be thinking about going and buying a pair for yourself just so you can be like him and nobody would blame you for doing that.

5.He is aware of youths

He is so aware of youths that it means nothing can ever happen to you as he has like some kind of sixth sense as to what is going on and where. He seems to have eyes in the back of his head as well, but maybe he is just becoming a little bit too obsessed about it all?

6.He knows how to dress

Well you could argue that he does know how to dress, but you need to ignore this image as it is probably not the best example. Instead, he dresses for a purpose, but what that purpose is here is unknown.

7.He is inquisitive

There is no doubt that he is inquisitive, just at times he is thinking about slightly strange things. Do you know the answer to this question? Do you even want to know the answer?


8.He is a philosopher

He is like a modern day Yoda, just the words are in the correct order. He certainly has a philosophical side to him, but as long as he does not end up boring you to tears with it all.

9.He can ice skate

Well maybe you do not find this that cool, but it does show that he is not afraid to try something different. Ok so he might have been forced into it as a teenager, but at least he has balance.


10.He is sensitive

Did you know that he was sensitive? Yeah ok so he does not show that side too much, but it is good to know that your friend has this side to them.

11.He loves the weekend

He lives for the weekend, so you always know that you are going to have some fun with him and that it is impossible for you to have a quiet time at home. He will drag you out to a cool bar and you will be glad that you went.


12.He is honest

The one thing that you can say about him is that he is absolutely honest when it comes to his opinions. He just comes out with whatever he is thinking, so at least you know where you stand with him and that is a good thing.


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