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15 Worst GTA Logics That Are Actually Funny

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 1:42 pm

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series is one of the most popular and bestselling video game series ever. The first ever GTA game was launched in 1997. Although the game didn't have great graphics, it still became one of the bestselling games of its time. Rockstar North, the company that makes GTA video games, grabbed the world's attention with the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in 2002. GTA: Vice City is one of the best video games ever made. The game was followed by Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in 2004. Most of us might have already played the game. The gameplay, story, graphics and game dynamics are great, but some game logics make us mad all the times! Here are fifteen such worst GTA logics we all found weird and funny! 
1.Rocket launcher

This shows that the police think more about their car than you walking around armed like a small army all on your own. Yes they will indeed allow you to walk around with a rocket launcher and not say a world, but you better pray for mercy if you bump into their car as they are going to go crazy and shoot at you like mad until you are pretty much dead.


This is so accurate and so funny that GTA has followed this kind of stereotype and made sure that the first mission is indeed to steal a bike. Ok every criminal has to start somewhere, but a bike? Is that not a bit of a cliche to say the least? Well at least it is some kind of a getaway vehicle although you have some way to go to get up to something with four wheels.



You hope that the one person that needs to be treated is worth it considering all of the other people that the ambulance injures when trying to get there. It does appear to be the case that they are more focused on this individual rather than anything else, so perhaps it is a reflection on the quality of the paramedics more than anything else.

4.Paint job

The key to getting away from the cops in GTA is to simply get your vehicle sprayed a different color in a garage where they see you going in and see that there is only one car in there, but they do not recognize you when you come back out. You do have to worry about the quality of the police in this game as they do appear to be pretty useless at most things.


This has to be one of the funniest pieces of GTA logic that you can imagine. You go ahead and kill various people and get arrested, but you simply get a fine and told not to do it again. This of course is not going to work in the real world, but in GTA land it seems like fair justice even though they know that you will just start from scratch.


This is one pretty amazing hairdresser who can turn a bald man into somebody with an afro in minutes. Surely their talents are being wasted appearing in a computer game if they are capable of doing this? By all means they could do it if the person had hair, but do they have enough in the top picture to merit an afro? Of course not!

Haircut-15 Worst GTA Logics That Are Actually Funny

7.Gun shop

You do worry about this guy as he cannot be as dumb as to use a pistol to defend himself when he has such an arsenal of weapons behind him that could kill countless numbers of people in next to no time? At what point do you think that a pistol is the best option for you? When you do think that the pistol is better than all of those guns you have?



This does seem strange that the jumping out of the helicopter is fine and causes no problems whatsoever, but getting out of water via a ladder comes across as the most difficult thing that a human being has ever had to endure. It really is a strange logic when you sit and think about it because why should the easy thing be difficult and the difficult thing easy?


This is one of those funny moments in the game where you really should be dead for whatever reason, but somehow a magic chicken is able to heal everything in an instant. You wonder what they put into their meals that ends up being so effective because surely that could cure so many illnesses around the world if it could be turned into something real?



This is one of those bizarre moments in the game where you do realize that nobody drives with any due care or attention, but they still end up driving more safely than people in real life with all of our signals and mirrors all over the place. Clearly computer game drivers are better for some reason although how that works is a bit of a mystery.


You can just play through this in your mind. Half of the police in the city are chasing you in your car, you are anxious, you want to get away, you want a different song as that one is annoying you, so you stop the car. Why you stop the car to change the radio station is unknown, but the people chasing you must do it as well surely?


This particular GTA logic is funny because it is so true about this game and there are various examples of people just not caring about the murder spree that has gone on in front of them as they carry on their daily lives. This guy really will just go ahead and sell you a hotdog even after you have killed loads of people, so clearly he puts his profit before lives.

13.This Cop Logic

The cops you see in GTA series, in general, are the dumbest cops you will ever see in a videogame. You carry a rocket launcher and walk on the street like a boss, right in front of a cop, and the cop doesn't even care looking at you! The same cop will beat the heck out of you, if you just bump into him. Drive your car into water, and the cop with or without his car drowns himself in water! 

This Cop Logic-15 Worst GTA Logics That Are Actually Funny

14.Dancer Girl Logic At Malibu Club

Dancer girls, guests and few other random people at Malibu Club keep dancing even when the place is a chaos! If you were the video game developer, you would design it in a way that all the people inside the club run away screaming, when there is a problem! Well, messing with those girls is never a great idea! They will beat you until you die.

Dancer Girl Logic At Malibu Club-15 Worst GTA Logics That Are Actually Funny

15.Tommy Can't Swim!

GTA Vice City is a good game with decent graphics, but one thing that disappoints all the game fans is the Tommy's inability to swim. When someone can drive a helicopter in a video game, why can't he swim?! Of course, you can swim using the health cheat, but that's not how a game is supposed to work. Thankfully, the lead character can swim in all the games that were released after Vice City. 

Tommy Can't Swim!-15 Worst GTA Logics That Are Actually Funny


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