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15 Worst Lip Tattoos Ever

Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 8:39 am

Tell us the name of a body part where one can't have a tattoo? Eyes? No! There are people who have tattoos on the white part of the eye (sclera). When you run out of space for a new tattoo, you obviously need to find a new part that can be tattooed. Lip tattoo is one such trend where people ink some text or a small image based tattoo on the inside of their lower lip. We live in an era where even butthole tattoos aren't weird, so these lip tattoos can't be called weird or stupid. Check these fifteen worst lip tattoos ever! 

This is another example of a random word being used as a tattoo and once again it actually makes no sense to have it put there. Why anybody would opt for the word 'cupcake' on there is a question that you are going to struggle to answer as it is not exactly the nicest of tattoo to have is it?

2.Rock n Roll

What stands out with this tattoo is that the guy does not look like a rock n roll guy and that does manage to kind of ruin the effect. Sure the camera could pan back and we would then get a completely different impression of him, but overall the tattoo just does not seem to fit in with this ruining the impact that they hoped to have.


The first thing you will be thinking when you look at this tattoo is wondering what the numbers stand for and this must be something that they will be asked on a regular basis. There are so many things it could be, but the fact that they have had them tattooed on their lip is just strange because if they have to remember it then surely putting it into your phone is a better and less painful option?


In a way this tattoo is actually clever and funny due to its positioning, but the fact that you need to do all of this pulling of your lips just to do the joke kind of renders it useless. Sure it will raise a smile, but then if you want to have that look, then surely just growing the moustache is easier?


2Pac has been dead for a long time, but of course there are still a lot of fans that listen to the music he made. However, you get a feeling that this person is the only one in the world with his name tattooed on their lip. You just know that this has not been done for other dead musicians because surely there is not somebody walking around with Elvis tattooed there?



With a bit of luck hopefully this is actually the guys name rather than anything else because it is not exactly the classiest tattoo in the world if all it does is say the word 'dick'. You do sit and wonder about the point where somebody decides that is what they are going to plump for with their tattoo and then the artist must also question it surely?

7.Bite Me

You need to ask if this is something that they are requesting and if so do they want you to bite their lip? The thing about this tattoo is that it is not even straight and it is not just the way that they are holding it, but overall that does not matter because even though it is quite clever having the word bite tattooed there it still makes no sense overall.



This is certainly not one of those tattoos where you look at it and are instantly jealous that it is not you that is the proud owner. Instead, this is a tattoo where you question why anybody would want to have the word MATH put there as it just makes no sense unless you are the biggest fan of algebra and geometry in the world.


OK this should have been done as a drunken dare because who would want to walk around with a penis, complete with hairy testicles, inside their lip? Sure it is going to be a conversation stopper, but you then have to explain why you decided to have that tattoo done rather than anything else in the entire world and that will be one fun conversation.


10.Thug Life

The surprising thing about this tattoo is that either it is a guy with his nails beautifully painted or it is a woman that has actually had this done to her lip. You wonder what the rest of her is like, but you just know that it will not fit the thug life stereotype that is probably in your mind right now.


The only answer that you can come up with is that this person is unable to speak, so when they are out for a meal they cannot tell people that they are vegan. Their solution was to get it tattooed on their lip, but even if this was true, which it isn't, then surely you would write it down instead? Why get it put permanently on your body?


12.Demi Lovato

Yes you are reading this correctly. This lip tattoo does indeed say Demi Lovato, but surely that is taking your admiration for a star a little bit too far? How crazy do you need to be about them that you actually go through the pain of getting their name tattooed on your lip? You just know that even the star themselves would question this practice.

13.Sore Lips! Oh Really?

Well, can you even guess the purpose of this lip tattoo? Firstly, no one can really see the tattoo unless he force opens his lips to show the tattoo to others. Secondly, the tattoo text 'sore lips' isn't making any sense unless he suffers from it 24/7! Anyways, no one really knows what kind of a statement this man wants to give with the tattoo. 

Sore Lips! Oh Really?-15 Worst Lip Tattoos Ever

14.Suck It

How's this tattoo? Looks good or sucks? This tattoo belongs to a female celeb. Can you guess her name? She is a singer, and she has been struggling a lot to keep up with all those lawsuits going on between her and music producers! Got her? No??? Okay, let us tell you. This lip tattoo belongs to Ke$ha

Suck It-15 Worst Lip Tattoos Ever

15.Cum Dumpster

This could well be the most whorish tattoo we have seen in the recent times. Most lip tattoos are terrible. This one is just horrible. We have no clue whatsoever on how people can come up with bizarre ideas like these, and execute them as planned! 

Cum Dumpster-15 Worst Lip Tattoos Ever


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