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15 Worst Tattoo Spelling Mistakes Ever

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 8:48 am

If there's one place where you should never spell a word incorrectly, it should be on your skin. Oh yes, we are talking about the worst tattoo spelling errors that spoil the look of tattoos. Tattoos (most) are a kind of permanent marks on your skin. One got to be very careful before inking their bodies because once a tattoo is inked, it's tough to erase. You may need to shell out big bucks to get rid of them. There's no guarantee that a tattoo removal surgery can completely erase off a tattoo. It can even lead to bizarre tattoo removal disasters. Here are fifteen worst tattoo spelling mistakes ever spotted on people's bodies! 

"My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story." This quote suits this gentleman as he found an innovative idea of expressing the moment of tragedy and comedy in a unique way but it is quite funny that he became the victim of his creative design.


This guy might be cool, but probably not cool in his spellings. We wonder how the tattoo artist missed this small but disastrous spelling mistake. Tattoos are something where you should never take it "too cool" with spellings.


Sometimes people confuse God with their wishes and their statements. This is why even tattoo artists need a high school education. It IS NOT A SPELLING ERROR! There is a difference between spelling and grammar. A is a word and is spelled correctly. It's GRAMMATICALLY incorrect, though.


She would be very happy after getting this tattooed on her back, but she must have felt sorry after noticing that huge mistake she did. The omitting of space between "No One" changes the meaning of that quote. It looks like "Noone " is a person and everybody should trust him.


Yes, The guy might be awesome but not his spellings. Making a spelling mistake in a tattoo makes you hide your beautiful body art for your entire life. It appears like his tattoo artist didn't care about the spelling error as well.

6.Your And You're Confusion

Tattoos like this make you lose faith in our Education system. People with English as their first language can't decide whether to use "your or you're" at the right place. The woman(guessing by the clothes) made a huge mistake not paying attention to her English literature class.

Your And You're Confusion-15 Worst Tattoo Spelling Mistakes Ever

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Now that's surely a Facebook addict, but how in the world he didn't read the spelling of "comment" before getting it tattooed? After hearing some comments about his tattoo, he will surely change or remove it.



"Beauty and folly are old companions" truly applied to this silly woman who tattooed her body to show her beauty but this tattoo only shows her stupidity as she doesn't know the spelling of tragedy. She should pick a dictionary and improve her vocabulary first and stop disappointing her 5th-grade teacher by making such silly mistakes.

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It is a true saying that "No Dream is too Big" But this boy's dream is going to be too big to achieve because of his tattoo designer who made a spelling mistake in writing this thought and making this guy's life miserable.



The guy wanted to have an inspirational thought tattooed on his body, but now everyone will find this inspirational idea hilarious as the tattoo designer inked "Never Don't Give Up" instead of "Never Give up." That's why some tattoo fanatics don't prefer tattooing any kind of words on their body.

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It is really sad for the person who got this tattoo designed on his body as he wanted to have "Heart Breaker" written but the tattoo artist wrote "hart Breaker." Either the tattoo artist was sleeping during the tattooing process or he needs to get proper education before tattooing another person.


It's nice when people really exemplify the meaning of their tattoos. But this tattoo only makes you look ridiculous.


It is a pity that a boy who wanted to thank her mother for the life she gave him by tattooing "Thanks mother for my life" but the tattoo artist ruined his appreciation by inking "Thenks mather for my life" on his side forearm. It looks like he is thanking Cotton Mather, from the Salem Witch Trials."But you'd be 321 years old... witch boy!"

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14.To Live Doesn't Mean 'YOUR' Alive

Oh man, this 'your & you're' confusion is everywhere. It even crawled onto a tattoo! You got to proofread your tattoo, no matter what. You got to do it. This sentence 'To live doesn't mean you're alive' is a lyric from one of the Nicki Minaj's songs. Lyrics are lyrics - even if they don't make sense grammatically! 

To Live Doesn't Mean 'YOUR' Alive-15 Worst Tattoo Spelling Mistakes Ever

15.Her Mom Is Her Angle!

What angle? Right angle, obtuse angle or acute angle? The intention was good. However, the execution was very poor. In most cases, tattoo artists just do what the customers tell them to do. If the tattoo artists are ignorant enough to not to figure out mistakes in the customers' tattoo requests, results will be like this. Lame and pathetic. 

Her Mom Is Her Angle!-15 Worst Tattoo Spelling Mistakes Ever

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