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15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 7:18 am

We all get those wrong number texts now and then, but gosh, many of us have never responded to them in a way that these 15 people did!  Instead of ignoring the messages or politely letting the other person know that their message had reached a wrong person, the peeps trolled them in the hilarious way possible. Imagine sending sensitive, awkward, or seductive texts to a wrong person accidentally, and see in your mind's eye how embarrassing the situation could be! Read such crazy wrong number conversations; we promise you are going to laugh hard!
1.Probably The Worst Ever Wrong Number Text

It looks like nothing is going right for the girl. She spoiled a dude's car, and then she let an known person know about it with a wrong text. This is one of the disgusting yet funny texts you will ever read. What would you do if you get an awkward text message like this? Will you simply say lol, and nothing else?

Probably The Worst Ever Wrong Number Text-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

2.Mimicking a Picture Message from an Unknown Number

Most of us would have simply let the sender know that he has got a wrong number. This recipient had other ideas though. The recipient, who received a text message from an unknown person, mimicked the sender in a funny way. Result? Smiles; smiles everywhere! Next time when you get a wrong text, don't forget to be cool!

Mimicking a Picture Message from an Unknown Number-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

3.Trolling at its Best

This recipient of wrong text knows how to deal with such awkward messages from known people. Isn't that funny?

Trolling at its Best-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

4.This is a Standard Cat

This picture will make you giggle. Even the person who wrongly sent the message had a good laugh in the end.

This is a Standard Cat-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

5.A Moment of Silence For This Brother Who Got Trolled

Oh man, not again! Dudes from all over the world get wrong numbers from girls they usually meet at clubs or pubs. Well, he is not alone. When a girl gives you the wrong number, it straightaway means she is not interested in you. You should probably try for another girl, or should work on your 'skills' if you keep getting wrong numbers.

A Moment of Silence For This Brother Who Got Trolled-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

6.Don't Mess With This Man

Some guys are totally weird. They don't quite behave like they belong to this planet. All of us have at least one friend who is a complete weirdo. Here in the picture, you can see one such guy trolling a person who sent a wrong text to him.

Don't Mess With This Man-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

7.When Wrong Hammers Start Texting You!

One more hilarious wrong text and right reply for you! Well, let's talk about trying this on our own. As we said, you need to have a good sense of humor and quick wit to rightly reply wrong numbers! Come up with a satire or retort.  Remember, in the end, it should make everyone laugh.

When Wrong Hammers Start Texting You!-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations


8.Sorry About That

This is a hilarious reply, especially the second one from the recipient that read as "but you have got me really concerned about my nipples." 

Sorry About That-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

9.He is Not Princess Camp Kind

He is not that type, and we clearly understood that after reading his reply and seeing his picture. And, the little girls who are into princess camps and stuff would definitely find this man creepy! Whatever, that's one cool reply from this man, which made this exchange of texts very funny.

He is Not Princess Camp Kind-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations


10.Another Guy Got Trolled

When you send a text to a wrong person next time, just hope that he or she doesn't have a killer sense of humor! Check this epic reply from a person, and you will understand why. And, don't forget to check how that guy nearly forgot the fact that he is in love with Ashley. Guess what his reaction would be if he gets to see a pretty lady picture instead of Will Ferrell's.

Another Guy Got Trolled-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

11.This Funny Girl vs. Grill Conversation

This conversation will surely make you laugh. We all have these guys as friends who don't talk anything except about girls. We have one such guy here, who unfortunately sent a wrong message to a wrong person! It took some time for him to completely understand that he got trolled. 

This Funny Girl vs. Grill Conversation-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

12.This Funny Reply

This person who replied to a wrong text seems to be very, very, excited and super active. He sounds like he is a hobbyist mood-spoiler to those people who mistakenly text him. You can see his excitement in his text messages. That person who started this conversation may never reply back. That's the end!

This Funny Reply-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

13.Best Reply to Wrong Number Ever

Is the first person in the picture wearing some kind of traditional dress, or has he just put some sheets on him? We have no idea! However, we have a clear picture of what the white guy in the second picture has done! You may call this trolling or being disrespectful, but you can't stop yourself from laughing at it.

Best Reply to Wrong Number Ever-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

14.He Was Little Too Late to Realize

We got to feel sorry for that guy who sent his picture to a wrong person. Unfortunately for him, he sent that to a person who knows how to play with people mercilessly! Those morphed pictures look hilarious, especially the middle one that has a dinosaur on the back. It was all too late by the time that guy realized he sent his picture to a wrong person.

He Was Little Too Late to Realize-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

15.Tony Was Given a Fake Number as Well

It looks like Tony too got trolled by a woman, who gave him a fake and wrong number. The response from the second guy was hilarious. 

Tony Was Given a Fake Number as Well-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

We guess we have nicely set you up for sending a hilarious reply when you get a text from a wrong person, next time. Be funny, but don't be rude!
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