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15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 7:18 am

We all get those wrong number texts now and then, but gosh, many of us have never responded to them in a way that these 15 people did!  Instead of ignoring the messages or politely letting the other person know that their message had reached a wrong person, the peeps trolled them in the hilarious way possible. Imagine sending sensitive, awkward, or seductive texts to a wrong person accidentally, and see in your mind's eye how embarrassing the situation could be! Read such crazy wrong number conversations; we promise you are going to laugh hard!
1.Probably The Worst Ever Wrong Number Text

It looks like nothing is going right for the girl. She spoiled a dude's car, and then she let an known person know about it with a wrong text. This is one of the disgusting yet funny texts you will ever read. What would you do if you get an awkward text message like this? Will you simply say lol, and nothing else?

Probably The Worst Ever Wrong Number Text-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

2.Mimicking a Picture Message from an Unknown Number

Most of us would have simply let the sender know that he has got a wrong number. This recipient had other ideas though. The recipient, who received a text message from an unknown person, mimicked the sender in a funny way. Result? Smiles; smiles everywhere! Next time when you get a wrong text, don't forget to be cool!

Mimicking a Picture Message from an Unknown Number-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

3.Trolling at its Best

This recipient of wrong text knows how to deal with such awkward messages from known people. Isn't that funny?

Trolling at its Best-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

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