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24 Best "Yeah Science Bitch" Memes Ever Made

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 10:43 am

Yeah, science - bitch. We know you just heard Jesse saying those words in your head! But did you know he didn't use the word bitch in the show, though. Jesse Pinkman says "Yeah, science" when Walter White told him that he no longer needs pseudo to cook meth. The internet changed the phrase to "Yeah Science, Bitch" and have been using it as a meme to express new inventions, discoveries, or science revelations.  Scroll down to see 24 best "Yeah Science, Bitch" memes that are absorbing. This topic subtly talks about some fascinating science facts and jokes, so don't miss reading it!
1.They will do what?

Yep some scientists are a bit on the mad side as this idea proves. Surely they are just having a joke and are not giving this some serious consideration because what purpose would it serve?

2.A powerful cloud

Well this does mean that it is one powerful cloud because that is an impressive amount of beer. Why do we not try to tap into it because that is the kind of thing science should be focusing on.

3.Get them online games

After reading this there will probably be a rush to get more online games downloaded and partners encouraged to play them. At least there is now an excuse to do all of this and you are no longer just being a geek.

4.Science has its head screwed on

There are times when science is just capable of stating the obvious and this is certainly one of those times. They better not have spent time and money working all of this out when it is just common sense?

5.Science can be mad

This is one of those examples where you have to question science and what on earth they think they are doing. At what point does a scientist wake up in the morning and decide to tackle this particular question in order to further enhance our knowledge of the world?

6.A Funny Science Joke

Two men walk into a bar. One man orders H2O. The other says, "I'll order H2O, too." The second man dies!
It's an age old and one of the best science jokes. It sounds like a puzzle for those who missed chemistry lectures in their school, though! Let us help if you didn't get the joke. "H2O, too" sounds similar to "H2O2", which is the chemical name of Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide, when ingested, can kill people by ceasing the respiratory system and causing a stroke.

7.What spider is it??

Imagine there being a spider out there that can do that to you if it bites you. How did science find out? Was there one unfortunate scientist that had to learn about this the hard way?


8.Science can be cool

One thing that is for certain is that there are times when science can be very cool and this is one of those times. You have to admit that it is pretty cool showing what happens when a gun is fired underwater and that is the kind of science we can all appreciate.

9.But one comes in a carton

The chances of you being able to convince your partner about this are very slim because she is going to prefer to stick to her orange juice in the morning. However, maybe with some scientific backing you can make some headway with it after all?


10.Why does any guy have a mental health issue?

The big question here is why any guy in the world then has a mental health problem because according to women that is all that guys do all day. Surely it would mean that guys have perfect mental health if staring at breasts does this? At least we have an excuse now.

11.Pizza wins

Scientists do know where the action is at since they realize that if you are going to print food, then go ahead and print pizza to keep everybody happy. How cool will it be if we can print them off at home ourselves?


12.We already knew this?

It appears as if science is actually a bit behind the times here because surely everybody knows that bacon is indeed a wonderful hangover cure? However, it is nice to have it finally confirmed, so there is no way that anybody can argue against it.

13.Give them a good squeeze

How cool is this particular scientific study when they say that squeezing breasts can stop cancer from developing? How long did it take scientists to come up with this and how many breasts did they actually squeeze in the process?

14.We know the solution

Well this scientific report does mean that we all know what the solution has to be and it is one that women may not be that keen on, but something that guys will love. This is one of those occasions where science divides the masses, so what side are you on?

15.Science is so obvious

There are times where science really is capable of stating the obvious, but then you do get the feeling that the person that answered this question is not actually fully qualified. However, they at least manage to discredit one possible reason.

16.Better than painkillers

Well the one thing that you have to say about this is that it is going to be more enjoyable than painkillers, but of course it only works if you are in the comfort of your own home. Anywhere else is going to be a problem, so in those cases go back to the painkillers. is the answer

Do you get the feeling that most scientists are indeed guys and they are focusing on things that guys like and can use in their relationship? Well there are certainly no complaints from the male population at the idea of sex being good for a fever.

18.How to break it to your partner?

The big question here is how you bring up this subject with your partner without getting yourself into trouble. There is a very good chance that they are not going to believe you when you say it, so perhaps show them this meme and see if it makes any difference.

19.Beer is lovely

It does seem beer has a lot to answer for as we can see here, but of course this is something that needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, although do not put the salt in the beer. The question here is how much time scientists have on their hands.

20.So obvious

Well this is quite obvious when you stop to think about it, but at the same time it is also very cool and you are now tempted to go and try it yourself. Suddenly you feel as if you are invincible, but only when you look at yourself in a photograph.

21.Tell that to your partner

How many guys around the world are now going to be telling their partner this fact in the hope that it means that they get something a bit extra the next time they have sex? However, it does not tell you how your chances of being slapped in the face also increases.

22.Guys love a chest press

A chest press is now going to be the most popular exercise that guys do, but only if they have a hot chick sitting on their chest while doing it. At least with this you get to build muscles faster and of course get to have a hot chick on you.

23.We love whisky

If you love a good whisky, then this is the news you have been waiting for. Of course you need to limit how much you are going to be drinking at any given time, but if you are having one and your partner complains just tell them that you are doing it for your health.

24.Video games are good

Guys around the world, and some girls, are now over the moon that science has managed to prove that playing video games is indeed good for you. That means that they can now argue that the hours they spend doing it is for their own good and not because they are lazy.


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