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12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 10:55 am

"You have no power" is a famous "Lord of the Rings" quote uttered by King Théoden when Gandalf tried to cast a mind-controlling spell on him. A few years back, the internet picked up the quote and converted that into a meme and reaction image. As you may know, the meme is often used to highlight a dominant individual's inability to show off their prowess depending upon the circumstances. Do you think a shark out of water can scare you? It has no power there! Got it? Now, see these 12 You Have No Power Here memes that are sidesplitting.
1.You Literally Have No Power Here!

It's a kind of anti-joke, and if you are one of those who is a fan of anti-humor, you are going to love this meme for sure! Hey, we, humans, didn't have power for thousands of years! Scientists believe that modern people have a history of at least 40,000 years. If that is the case, people happily lived here on Earth without electricity for 39,900 years roughly! It's hardly a century since people around the world began using power to lit bulbs and other stuff. Needless to say, electricity is now an important part of human life, without which the world would go into absolute darkness and chaos.

You Literally Have No Power Here!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

2.Seeing A Teacher Outside Of School

We agree that a teacher has absolutely no power outside, but it isn't a good idea to ignore them or be rude to them when we meet them outside, during holidays. We still need to be respectful to them because, you know, we need to see them again in school once the holidays are over. Guess who doesn't have power in school?! While it isn't a suggestible thing to be discourteous to teachers, we understand that some of them are horrible, but, then again, you still need to act out goodness unless it is the last day of your school!

Seeing A Teacher Outside Of School-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

3.Beyonce - The She-Hulk!

Yeah, it's true that Beyonce publicist wanted a few pictures of Beyonce to be removed from the internet completely because they sort of looked odd. People never cared about those pictures until the publicist wanted to get them off the web, but when they came to know about Beyonce's staff's ridiculous demand, they then began making memes and all kinds of funny stuff using those already weird photos! This She-Hulk like Beyonce photo is the result of the people's displeasure! Never try to control or summon the internet! Even if you are Batman, you are going to end up like this!

Beyonce - The She-Hulk!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

4.You Have No Power There, Girl!

Were those guys playing games? From whatever the little we saw in the picture, we could conclude that those people were indeed playing some videos games. They all seems to be so involved in their games that they didn't even bother to see that hot girl in lingerie! Girls with gamer boyfriends, do you think you can draw a parallel? Hey, when you are deeply involved in doing something, your brain kind of stops paying attention to the other things around. That's called focus, and you need that if you want to make positive strides in life!

You Have No Power There, Girl!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

5.Stop Talking About Star Wars And Start Talking About Kardashians!

Kardashians do want you to talk about their family round the clock, and that is the only way they can make money and grow rich every day! Hey, a lot of people seem to hate the Kardashian clan. On the internet, especially on the neutral platforms, you are more likely to see people talking negatively about Kim Kardashian and her family's drama than the ones who love her. Man, if people like Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber are despised so much, why are they are still famous and making money in the first place?!

Stop Talking About Star Wars And Start Talking About Kardashians!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

6.Online Class - Please Turn Off Your Phone!

As this meme depicts, an online teacher doesn't usually have those powers of a regular teacher, but that doesn't mean you should ignore their orders. Be it a regular teacher or an online tutor; you are with them because you want to learn something from them. A phone is certainly a distraction, so every teacher in this world hate to hear a phone ringing in class. As someone who is not a teacher, you don't understand that feeling, but from a teacher's perspective, phone calls or any other kind of disturbances simply spoil their flow and mood.

Online Class - Please Turn Off Your Phone!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

7.You Have No Power Here, Brother!

This meme reminds us our childhood, isn't it? You can very well relate to this meme, especially if you are not the only child in your home and have a sibling. Elder siblings do try to take control of everything when mom and dad aren't around. They do that because parents tell them to do so. Many parents tend to teach responsibility and give leadership and responsibility lessons to elder kids and ask them to do their best to take care of their little brother or sister. Younger siblings, as you know, are mischievous in most cases, and no way they are going to accept their older sibling's domination or leadership!

You Have No Power Here, Brother!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes


8.When A Regular Thunderstorm Occur A Day After A Hurricane!

Hey, do you know that nearly 40% of the world's population lives within 60 miles of the seacoast? Now, this means more than 60% people in the world aren't aware of what it feels like going through all those scary natural calamities like cyclones and hurricanes. Just as this meme says, a thunderstorm is a big thing for those who live way away from a sea, but people who live near the seacoast find it powerless, especially when it occurs a day after a cyclone or hurricane!

When A Regular Thunderstorm Occur A Day After A Hurricane!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

9.United Airline's Stock Price's Reaction To Publicity!

The shocking United Express Flight 3411 incident did affect United Airline's (United Continental Holdings Inc) stock price negatively, but the effect didn't last long. The incident happened on April 9, and their stock price is $70.71 on that day. Within the next ten days, the company lost more than $5 a stock, sending chills down the spines of investors. The trend was temporary, though. As of now, United Airline's stock hit the all-time high at $75.98 per share! All that matters at the end of the day is publicity! Business are going to take it irrespective of the way it comes.

United Airline's Stock Price's Reaction To Publicity!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes


10.Music Back Then Vs. Music Now!

Queen is a legendary rock band, and we are very sure that we are not going to see any other music group growing as big as Queen in the years to come. Freddie Mercury and his gang gave us some memorable songs that never get old. Most of the modern day singers can't even sing properly, and half of them wouldn’t exist if technology like Auto-Tune wasn't invented. Well, that doesn't mean we should be rude to contemporary singers and musicians. Remember, all those so-called bad singers exist because millions of people around the world love them.

Music Back Then Vs. Music Now!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

11.This Hot Girl And Gamer Guy

At least he is smiling! Did you remember seeing a similar meme on this topic a while ago? Men in that meme aren't even caring that girl in hot lingerie. The case is a bit different here because the man seems to be smiling and blushing a bit. Even though he appears to be stuck to what he was doing, we don't think he could fully focus on his game. He seems to be a CS: GO player, and it looks like someone intentionally hired hookers to distract him! Never try to distract a gamer because not all gamers are soft. Some of them can punch the hell out of people if they keep bugging them like this girl in the meme!

This Hot Girl And Gamer Guy-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

12.You Have No Power Here, Sun!

He doesn't have power, we agree, but never look into Sun and tell him he has no authority! Sunglasses protect you from harmful rays, but they are not safe at all to look directly into the sun. Never look at the sun directly even when you wear shades. It can cause temporary blindness or may even damage retina permanently! We tend to show some interest in looking at the sun during eclipses. It's even more dangerous to look Sun through a telescope. Sun, during the dawn or dusk, is safe to see for a few seconds - just a few seconds.

You Have No Power Here, Sun!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes


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