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Here's What Nail Biting Can Do To You

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:00 pm

While we all think nail-biting is just a habit, it is actually more than what we think. It can be dangerous; as dangerous as it may permanently stop your nail from growing back. Some of us have this habit. Here are fifteen reasons why you should stop your nail-biting habit immediately. Some of these are very frightening.
1.Germs Love Nails

Nails host a variety of germs such as bacteria, viruses etc that make us sick. The longer the nails are – the more bacteria live under them. Even the cleanest folks have some sort of microorganisms living under their nails. People with poor hygiene habits are more likely to have deadly disease causing germs lurking under their nails.

Germs Love Nails-Here's What Nail Biting Can Do To You

2.Nail-biting Transfers Germs Into Your Mouth

By biting nails, you are actually eating some of the dangerous microorganisms that are known to cause diseases. When you bite nails, you transport the bacteria/viruses from nails to your mouth. It is not the end! You also bring oral bacteria (germs that live in mouth) onto your nails. You kind of arrange free trips for bacteria from mouth to fingernails, and fingernails to mouth.

Nail-biting Transfers Germs Into Your Mouth-Here's What Nail Biting Can Do To You

3.It Can Damage Your Teeth

Constant nail-biting can damage your teeth. Though you may find them soft, nails are actually hard. While biting nails, you tend to apply force on a particular portion of tooth like on its edges. This can lead to chipped tooth, or even a tooth fracture. If you bite your nails for a very long time, it may lead to a severe dental condition called TMJ.

It Can Damage Your Teeth-Here's What Nail Biting Can Do To You

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