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12 Easy Ways To Tighten Skin

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 12:03 pm

Loose or sagging skin looks ugly. Several things like ageing, weight loss, etc. loosen up skin. The good news is that one can tighten their skin easily at home, without needing to invest a lot of money on cosmetic procedures that come with their own side effects. Skin is the most complex organ in the human body, and surprisingly it is one of the very few body parts that can be taken care of easily. Read 12 simple methods to stiffen up sagging skin that one can try in the comfort of their home. Hey, do you know someone who has been struggling with loose skin lately? If so, do share this article with them. 
1.Aloe Vera

As you may know, aloe vera does magic on human skin, and it is known for treating many skin conditions ranging from sunburn to age-related wrinkles. It treats sagging skin as well, and all one needs to do is apply a generous amount of aloe vera on the face right before going to bed. The gel moisturizes skin and nourishes it, thus reducing visible slackness over a period. Aloe vera is freely available in the form of gels. However, skin care experts suggest people use natural gel extracted from Aloe vera tree as it is free from chemical preservatives.

Aloe Vera-12 Easy Ways To Tighten Skin

2.Egg Whites

Egg whites are long known for their ability to treat sagging skin. They contain astringent compounds that contract epidermis and stiffen up the skin. Using egg whites is indeed the cheapest and easiest method to tighten loose skin. Apply egg white on the face evenly using a brush and let it air-dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Clean it off using lukewarm water and apply moisturizer immediately. Repeat the procedure two to three times a week, and you are sure to see results in just a couple of weeks. Besides stiffening up loose skin, this egg white facial does a whole lot of good things to skin, such as rejuvenating and brightening skin. You may apply it wherever you want on your body.

Egg Whites-12 Easy Ways To Tighten Skin

3.Lemon And Honey Mix

Both lemon and honey have amazing skin benefits. Lemon, as you may know, is a natural antioxidant that can boost skin health by reducing sunburn, wrinkles, dark spots, etc. Honey has been widely used throughout the world by skincare experts to treat a wide array of skin problems. Together, the two can do wonders, especially when it comes to treating sagging skin. Mix two tablespoons of honey and add a few drops lemon and olive oil. Apply the mixture on the face, neck, or any other affected area. Use lemon or lime juice in moderate quantity, as too much of it can damage the skin.

Lemon And Honey Mix-12 Easy Ways To Tighten Skin

4.Fuller's Earth Or Multani Mitti

Fuller's earth is a kind of clay that is rich in minerals like quartz, magnesium, silica, calcite, dolomite, iron, etc. In the Indian sub-continent and in the parts of the world that have strong Indian influence, fuller's earth is sold as Multani Mitti, which has tremendous skin benefits. This clay is known for correcting skin elasticity problems. It is freely available in cosmetic stores as powder, and all one needs to do is add water to it to make a thick paste and apply on the face. For extra benefits, one may add rose water, glycerin, honey, egg whites, etc. to the paste.

Fuller's Earth Or Multani Mitti-12 Easy Ways To Tighten Skin

5.Baking Soda

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate can treat droopy skin well. The procedure is pretty simple, and all one needs to do is mix a tiny quantity of baking soda with water and apply it on the face or wherever it is needed. Try this method once every week, and you will notice the visible changes in three to four weeks. You have to be a bit careful with baking soda, though, as it can cause allergies to some people. Before trying this method, apply the baking soda mix on the wrist or elbow to see if you are allergic to it.

Baking Soda-12 Easy Ways To Tighten Skin

6.Apply Vitamin E From Capsules Directly On Skin

Don't go for those pricey vitamin E lotions you see in cosmetic stores, and instead, buy vitamin E capsules from a druggist and extract the gel. Poke a hole in capsule, squeeze the content into a small jar, and add some olive oil to dilute it. Now apply it directly on face, neck, stomach, or on any other affected area. Repeat the procedure two to three times a week, for up to four weeks to tighten the loose skin. Please note that this is a safe method, and there are no side effects or whatsoever. Vitamin E extract usually has a strong unpleasant smell, so you may have to add some essential oil to nullify it.

Apply Vitamin E From Capsules Directly On Skin-12 Easy Ways To Tighten Skin

7.Facial Or Body Massage

This tip may sound simple and obvious, but trust us; a relaxing massage does the world of good to skin. As you know, it boosts blood circulation, thus improving the elasticity of the skin. Professional massagers do an excellent job, but if you are not willing to spend a lot of money on them, you can be your own massage therapist. It's an easy job, and perhaps you don't require any particular instructions from us. Just invest in a good massage oil or lotion and start pampering your skin as frequently as you can.

Facial Or Body Massage-12 Easy Ways To Tighten Skin


8.Gain Muscle

Weight loss is one of the leading causes of droopy skin. The same workouts that help people lose weight also assist them to tighten up their skin. Regular exercise builds muscle and firms the skin around it that became loose due to rapid fat loss. To get most out of it, lift weights or ask your trainer to add muscle gain exercises to your workout plan. Don't forget to consume protein-rich foods like milk, eggs, meat, fish, pulses, etc. Having strong muscles boosts overall health, so you have many other health perks on offer other than just skin tightening.

Gain Muscle-12 Easy Ways To Tighten Skin

9.Balanced Diet

A diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, etc. is highly beneficial for skin health. Food has a significant impact on skin, and if you want to have firm, wrinkle-free, and healthy skin, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Don't completely cut fat in your diet as a little bit of fat is essential for tight and radiant skin. Well, if you think you are too busy to prepare such food, you may use supplements. Supplements of vitamin E, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants are highly beneficial for skin.

Balanced Diet-12 Easy Ways To Tighten Skin


10.Take Frequent Salt Water Baths

No, you don't need to go to sea to do that! Purchase sea salt from a local store and put it in your hot water tub. Salt effectively removes dirt, debris, and other impurities that obstruct skin's natural healing process. Elimination of those impurities restores skin's natural functions that include collagen restructuring. Take two to three hot salt water baths a week. Don't use edible salt as it contains a number of other chemicals and preservatives. Buy specialty sea salt packs that are sold in cosmetic stores.

Take Frequent Salt Water Baths-12 Easy Ways To Tighten Skin

11.Stay Away From Sun

Our skin hates the sun! The harmful rays of sunlight do damage epidermal layers of skin, and constant exposure to the sun interferes with the skin's natural and powerful healing ability. Wrinkles or loose skin is never going to be repaired on its own as long as one roams under the sun without protection. Sunrays also absorb natural oils from skin and make it very dry. They also negatively affect your efforts to treat sagging skin. Never go into the sun without applying sunscreen because the UV rays in sunlight can cause skin cancer.

Stay Away From Sun-12 Easy Ways To Tighten Skin

12.Quit Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health in many ways, and we all know about it very well. Smoking is often linked to lung or throat cancer, but the deadly habit takes a toll on the skin as well. Smoking is the number one reason why many young people get wrinkles prematurely. If you are already suffering from loose skin, smoking is just going to make it worse. One of the easiest ways to treat droopy skin is by giving up cigarettes. It also boosts your overall health and reduces the risk of death from cancer or stroke. Quit smoking, and we bet you will see the results instantly.

Quit Smoking-12 Easy Ways To Tighten Skin


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