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12 Most Photogenic Kids

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 9:29 am

1.Gone with the Wind Fabulous

This little one is sporting a preppy look that makes him look absolutely fabulous at every turn and angle. If you saw little Alexander from the neck up, you'd swear he was older than he really is. Still, even with a simple pose like this one, he grabs your attention.

2.Girl Next Door

This tiny tot appears to just be having fun with the camera. Unbeknownst to her that the camera just seems to love her. She isn't glammed up or doing a series of 'extra' poses. She's just one of those kids who can take a good picture in just mere seconds of being asked to pose for one.

3.I Don't Even Have to Try

This is what Justin Bieber probably looked like before he became annoying. This little boy appears as though he was zapped back into the 80s with this classic look. His poses seem to be flawless and effortless. Any kid who can take photos without looking at the camera is extremely photogenic.

4.Vintage Darling

When a child can make a vintage look work, then they're ready to be on the cover of Vogue. This girl needs to be modeling for every kids' clothing line on the market. Her outfit resembles the pattern of a picnic table, but this little girl makes It look like a high-fashion ensemble.

5.Thumbs Me Up

Even though it seems like someone dressed this boy in the dark, and then sent him out into the world, his demeanor makes the outfit work. This adorable little guy's pose and overall silly nature makes you pay more attention to his face (and his thumb) rather than the dirty carriage and mismatched clothing.

6.Catch My Good Side

This girl is a natural actress and model. She's pretending not to pay attention in the photo, but she's just channeling her inner model. Because she's so photogenic, this little girl can do a profile shot and still looks amazingly cute in it. Now if she can just get past kindergarten, she'll be all set to walk the runway in Milan.

7.I'm Ready to Hit the Town

This little girl is ready to hit the town. A typical kid would appear as though they took their mommy's close so they could play dress-up, but not this little girl. The girl is a natural and she knows it. Most girls wouldn't be carrying a purse like a grown woman, but this photogenic little one isn't like most girls.


8.I Always Get Attention

This little boy is 5 going on 30. He has the make-up of a child, but he's dressed like a guy who is ready to take on the town. He's one of those kids who will look adorable in any outfit you put them in. At least he has handkerchief in his pocket, so he won't have to ask mommy for one.

9.I'm A Model and I Know It

You can't tell this little cutie patootie that she isn't a fierce model. Only a true photogenic Diva would strike a pose like this and be able to wear shades while doing it. She's even nailing that odd fish-pout and "broken hip pose" that so many models tend to do.


10.GQ Kid

This little guy puts the men that cover GQ magazine to shame. His pose is simple, but he has a style about him that just screams "I know I look good!" You know you're photogenic when you're surrounds look a mess and you still manage to make the photo look good.

11.Supermodel Ready!

This darling little girl has a face made for the camera. It looks like someone has been practicing in the mirror, because that pointed-toe pose is something that takes Supermodels years to achieve. The little girl has her hair swooped to the side, but because modeling seems to be in her blood, she knows how to angle her face so the camera gets a great shot of both her face and her clothing.


12.Fabulous Even When I'm Not Looking

When a kid knows how to take a flawless photo and they're not even posing for it, it's time to send them to Hollywood. This little boy isn't even trying to look cute - it just comes that easy for him! He even has the signature male model pose down pact. Paging Calvin Klein!


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