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15 Common Mistakes That Travelers Do Abroad

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 11:29 am

Traveling abroad is fun only when you know the customs and culture of the visiting country completely. Due to the immense culture difference between countries around the world, one needs to understand that something that's a good gesture in their country could mean offensive in the other parts of the world. Here are fifteen common mistakes travelers do abroad.
1.Talking about Money in France

If you are a big fan of money and can't stop talking about it, France is definitely not your destination. People in France don't appreciate when you talk about money! Don't even ask your French hosts money unless you badly need it.

Talking about Money in France-15 Common Mistakes That Travelers Do Abroad

2.Honking in New Zealand

Honking is acceptable in most countries. In some countries, honking is the only way to clear the traffic or sheep ahead! Honking is not at all acceptable in New Zealand. Honking is not illegal in New Zealand; it is just not socially acceptable. 

Honking in New Zealand -15 Common Mistakes That Travelers Do Abroad

3.Tipping is Offensive in Japan

Never ever tip people for a service in Japan. People of Japan are not quite used to this tipping thing. Your tip may be confusing to them, and in worst case, it can be insulting too. If you are planning to visit Japan, make sure you have a good idea on their culture before leaving your country.

Tipping is Offensive in Japan-15 Common Mistakes That Travelers Do Abroad

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