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24 Creative WWF Ads

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 8:25 am

1.What Size Coat Will They Be?

When you look at these animals you see beauty, but some people see fur coats and dollar signs. To them, these wonderful animals are just a means to an end. They are killed and skinned for their fur, then tossed in the trash. There is no reason to kill leopards, no sane reason.

2.What If That Were Your Baby?

What if your baby had a shell on its back and someone was about to cut them out of it? Wouldn't you do anything to save them? Of course you would. Well, a mother turtle really can't fight back, but we can do it for her. For all the mothers out there, no matter what species, let's stop the killing.

3.Would You Want Your Baby's Head Mounted?

We think nothing of seeing a deer's head mounted on a wall, yet if that were a person, or ever worse, our child's head, we would be outraged. It's a barbaric practice to mount the head of any living thing onto a wall like a trophy. They are not trophies, they are living creatures.

4.Elephants Have Families

Elephants have families just like we do. They stick together, just like we do. And they have feelings. So why do we think it's right to destroy where they live, as well as them. Taking their ivory tusks and butchering them all in the name of greed. When a lion takes down an elephant its for survival, when we do it, it's not.

5.Tigers Are Made Of Flash And Bone

Lend a hand to the tigers, because they only have paws. They can't help themselves and are at our mercy. Sure they are powerful creatures with razor sharp teeth, but they don't come to our homes and set out to kill us. They stay in their own habitat and live their lives, and so should we.

6.Eagles Are Part Of Our World

Even the eagle painted on this hand looks angry. They have every right to be. Why are they being hunted, why is their land being destroyed? There is no good reason because we don't need them to survive. We are destroying the planet, their planet, and they are not happy about it.

7.Even Crocodiles Deserve To Live

Some people may think crocodiles and alligators should d!e. After all, they are just killers, aren't they? They would kill us, with a snap of their power jaws, if the had the chance. Well, they don't know better, and we do. They have primitive brains, we have evolved brains. Let's use them.


8.What If Someone Hunted Your Child?

Every tiger is some other tiger's baby. Would you want your child hunted like this by another species? The answer is no. So why should tiger's be given less respect on this planet. We are all here together, and just because we have the ability to destroy them, should we?

9.Elephants Are Not Here For Your Pleasure

This piece of ivory may lay on someone's mantle, maybe even the hunter who took it from the elephant. Visitor's will marvel at its beauty, but will anyone say anything about the fact that this ivory was even more beautiful when it wast still a part of the elephant, itself?


10.Where Will The Penguins Go?

What about the penguins? Global warming will affect them too. Will they end up on skid row, with the polar bears and seals? Who knows what the future holds for all of these animals when their homes are melted and they have nowhere to go for food or resources to stay alive.

11.Where Will The Seals Sleep?

The seals will end up homeless if we continue on the path we are on. Global warming will displace the seals, leaving them with no resources to live. Maybe they can relocate, but to where. This is a huge problem that we are ignoring and pushing under the carpet, or ice, in their case.


12.Zebras Feel

Lend a hand to zebras, These beautiful creatures are so amazing. The stripes, created by nature, look like a piece of art, each zebra looking different from the next. They have lives, families and feelings. They don't want their world eradicated for greed, just like you fear an alien attack that takes all of your resources, and life.

13.Would You Want Your Child Stuffed And Served For Dinner?

This picture is very dramatic and makes a valid point. To see your child on a platter stuffed and with an apple in its mouth, like so many pigs, makes you really think about what you're eating. This is what we do to nature, to animals and to our future. That pig you roasted was somebody's baby.

14.Man Made Trees Are Not Natural

Cementing over nature and putting up manmade trees is the worst thing we can do. Where will all the wildlife go? They will d!e off, just like this kangaroo, who has no idea where he is anymore, how to get food from a fake tree, and where to get water.

15.Lone Tree Survivor

At the rate we are going, we are cutting down way more trees than those that are growing. Soon the planet will be a vast land with no trees. Remembering the beauty of a tree in all its glory may have to be something that we can only describe to our grandchildren.

16.Let Them Quack

This painting is used to show that we should lend a "hand" to wildlife. In this picture we see a hand painted as a toucan with the fingers able to move as if the toucan is speaking. What would the toucans of the world say to us if they could speak our language?

17.Don't Carry On The Blood Bath

We can all help the WWF by not buying exotic animal products and souvenirs. When you do, you may as well imagine yourself with a line of blood dripping from your bag as you walk away, following you everywhere you go. You are just as much to blame for that animal's death as the hunters who killed them.

18.Tiger's Fangs Are For Their Own Protection

Obviously those fang don't protect them from us. Humans are the most formidable force on earth, and to take a tiger's fangs to make a superstitious protection charm, is heinous. Imagine that an alien race came to earth and started pulling our eye teeth, not because they needed them for nourishment, just because they wanted to look at it.

19.Rabbits Need Their Feet To Hop

We have our own two feet, why do we need to take one from a rabbit, dye it an unnatural color and then carry it around with us for no good reason. A superstition? That's why these rabbits are losing their limbs. What would you say to a species who did that to us?

20.Stop Over-Fishing

This ad is to show that we are over-fishing our waters and soon there will be no fish left. Anyone who knows how nature works, knows that in order for a species to continue, there needs to be enough of that species left to mate and produce more of the same.

21.An Elephant Didn't Evolve To Be Your Treasure

An elephant is a loving, warm blooded creature just like us. It seems that in our ignorance, we forget that these types of animals are not placed on earth for use to take their parts and use for our own greedy pleasure. They are not cars that can be sold for parts.

22.A Tiger's Dream Is Not To Be Your Coat

The WWF is working on restoring thirty six species as well as restore the ecological footprint in regards to carbon emissions, grazing land, cropland, fishing, water, and forestry. Our animals did not evolve to end up this way. In this poignant ad, the tiger evolves only to end up as a fur coat.

23.Where Will The Polar Bear Dwell?

WWF was founded in 1961, created out of the concern over what was happening to the planet. Starting out with just a few men, the organization is now the largest environmental groups in the world. In this ad we see a displaced polar bear. Due to global warming he could soon be homeless.

24.Tarzan Of The Desert

World Wide Fund for Nature, or WWF, has set out on a mission to end the mistreatment and harm of nature, which includes animals, vegetation, trees and more. In this ad Tarzan is about to fall because there are no trees left for him to swing from. It's a long way down for him and his loin cloth.


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