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24 Most Amazing Illusion Tattoos

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 7:50 pm

1.I Heart You

What better way to show love than to wear your heart on your sleeve. Well, in this case this guy is wearing his heart right out in the open. Appearing as if you are looking directly into his chest cavity and seeing his red beating heart, this tattoo is intricate and outstanding in design.

2.Don't Speak

This hand tattoo is very well done. The 3D imaging is so lifelike that when she places her hand over her mouth, you really think that there is a hole in her hand and that you are seeing her mouth right through it. A cool idea that will freak some people out, until they realize it's a tattoo.


Appearing as if a snake has burrowed it's way into the skin, this is a creepy but fun tattoo. It really looks as if the skin is crinkling as the snake makes his way inside. You almost want to pull the snake by the tail end and help this person out of this painful mess.

4.High Rise

Lace up tattoos are very popular, but what's underneath is another story, in this design. Using the spine to represent a high rise within, this tattoo is one of the better lace up designs. The skin really appears to be broken, the laces seem real, and you do feel like you are looking inside.

5.Cabin In The Woods

A cabin in the wood is depicted her on this guy's arm. With such lifelike elements, it appears that a storm is brewing up above the mountains. Using the shoulder as the top of this world, the drawing plays out below. An amazing piece of artwork where you see more details as you look closer.


Stars are a popular tattoo design. Most are one dimensional stars, but this star reveals a message underneath. Appearing as if the star is a cut out in the skin, with words that represent what's inside the guy wearing the tattoo. It seems like love is the most important word for this guy.

7.Don't Jump

This amazing tattoo is like a movie on his back. The three dimensional drawing gives us the impression that the man in the suit and hat is about to jump to his death. The black and white, in addition to the man's attire, bring us back to old time film.


8.Say Cheese

This tattoo is an outstanding illusion. When this woman places her inner forearm over her face it actually appears as if she is taking a picture. The camera tattoo has two hands holding it on each side, looking as if the finger is about to snap the picture. A really fun tattoo to turn heads.

9.Skeleton Elbow

An intricate design on the back of the arm with the nose of the skeleton being the elbow. These types of tattoos can wear down easily as people lean on their elbows more than other parts of their bodies. The holes are very well shaded, making them look deep and full of mystery.


10.Seeing The Past

Looking back and seeing your past is depicted in this large back tattoo. Breaking through the boundaries of the skin, this face is wistfully looking back, correcting past mistakes and letting go of whatever baggage is being carried forth. The tattoo is done amazingly well, with such detail, giving it a lifelike appearance.

11.Skeleton Illusion

You may look at this tattoo and see a skeleton face, or you may look at it and see a woman sitting at her vanity putting on her makeup in the mirror. These types of tattoos are really quite amazing. It's like getting two tattoos in one. As you keep looking you can make the tattoo change from one image to another.


12.A Whole New World

We are the world. We have everything we need right inside us. This tattoo brilliantly depicts the inner world. As we look through the broken skin on this woman's side, we see her world, as birds fly out and over her skin. An absolutely amazing design if you dare to go so big.

13.Eye See You

This great illusion tattoo gives the impression of another set of eyes when the guy lifts his forearms in front of his face. The eyes are so brilliantly designed that they look very real. If you look at it quickly you would swear he is looking right through his forearm

14.Eyes In The Back Of My Head

Now this is one scary tattoo. Imagine standing behind him in line. It appears as if he is facing you, complete with a long handlebar mustache and mouth. We would have to look twice to understand what we are really seeing. Hopefully, not to many people try to talk to the back of this guy's head.


Three cheers for the red, white, and blue. The tattoo artists makes it appear as if the person being tattooed is all American. Under the skin he is made from the American Flag. The holes in his skin give us insight to what's underneath. With extreme detail, it is a very believable tattoo.

16.Bear Claw

This guy looks like he's been stepped on a by a very large bear, who made a giant foot print in his calf, claws and all. The tattoo artist went to great lengths to give depth to the paw print, applying cracks to the skin similar to the way a real paw print would break the ground.


This unbelievable tattoo is such an illusion it's freaky. Looking as if this person's belly is unbuttoned, and that we are able to look inside, it's strangely eery. The stitching really gives the appearance that this opening is leather or some sort of material, as it looks like the belly stretched it too far and the buttons popped open.

18.Nailed It

This tattoo artist really nailed it. A great tattoo with a 3D effect, it really appears that three nails are stuck into this guy's shoulder, with blood oozing out. The shadow work really nails it home. Many people must reach out to touch it, believing this is real versus a drawing.


This tattoo art can be interpreted in any way that you see it. It appears to be a giant thumbprint, or a maze, or a skull, if you look closely. The thumbprint idea is pretty cool, since every thumbprint is unique. Maybe it's a replica of their own thumbprint, but highly doubtful since in reality thumbprints are swirled.

20.The Fly

The intricate details of this giant fly on this person's neck is amazing. The 3-D effect in the blocks and in the insect draw you in and capture your attention. We can only imagine what this mean to the person who asked for it, but the tattoo artist really delivered an outstanding piece of artwork.

21.Checkered Tornado

Another great illusion by an extremely talented tattoo artist. There are those who just do tattoos and there are those who are true artists. Not all can call themselves an artist until they can create designs such as this one. Here our eyes are fooled, once again, this time with a checkered tornado.

22.Black Widow

We have to wonder how many times this girl gets swatted on the neck by people thinking she really has a black widow spider on her neck. And, those people definitely aren't using their hands to swat the killer spider. Hopefully they are not using a bat, or something more forceful.

23.Missing Puzzle Piece

This missing puzzle piece tattoo is very realistic. Usually symbolizing Autism, the detail is amazing. With 3D depth, you can imagine that you can grab the piece and place it back into the hole. Hard to believe it is a drawing. Some tattoo artists are unbelievably talented in their art work.

24.Zebra Swirl

This Zebra swirl tattoo really creates a dizzying illusion. If you stare at it, it seems to move, tricking your eyes into seeing a funnel type, striped tornado. The tattoo artist who did this tattoo was brilliant in his line work and curvature. This is sure a conversation piece for the guy who's wearing it.

25.Converse Sneaker Tattoo

Some of these illusion tattoos are brilliant. This one, or should I say two, makes it appear as if this person is waring a pair of high top Converse sneakers with the toes cut out. So realistic, you would have to look twice to believe it was a tattoo. This must have taken a long time to complete with such intricate detail.


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