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24 Most Creative Bag Ads

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 8:34 am

1.New Legs

When you shop at this store, be careful how you hold the bag on the way out. These risque bags show different kinds of lingerie, for both men and women, and when held in a certain way, it can appear that the shopper is wearing the lingerie, and even holding their cr0tch.

2.Old Fashioned Phone

This old fashioned phone is a very clever advertising design. Most people today do not even remember these types of phones, but some of the old timers will. The handle to the bag is the handle to the phone. Yes, phones used to have these curly little cords leading to the receiver.

3.Lipton Tea

A very cool way to advertise Lipton Tea. You've got a shopping bag, why not turn it into a tea bag? A very clever design, whereby the bag looks like it's full of tea leaves and the handles is the string to the little tag that allows you to steep the tea bag in your hot water.

4.ASPE Crime Stores

This bag is from a bookstore, advertising a crime novel. With the shopper's hand on the trigger, it appears menacing and mysterious. People will want to know what it means, and will want that very same bag, propelling them into the bookstore and most likely over to the book itself.

5.Cure Hunger

This great grocery bag promotes curing hunger by showing a cutout of a stomach. When the bag is full, it appears as if the stomach is full as well. It's a fun way to bring awareness to a serious problem, and a cool bag to take back and forth to the grocery store for a refill.

6.Blood Donor

This bag is a great way to get people to stop by and donate blood. Anyone who sees this person carrying this bag will become mindful of all the good they can do to help other people, and they get a cool looking bag, too. Advertising agencies know the value of the bag.

7.Stop 'N Grow

To get people to stop biting their nails, this company has a great product and an even great advertising bag design. With the shopper's hand in the handle, which is a mouth, it appears that the person on the bag is biting their nails. The bag asks the question, "nail biter?" Anyone who bites their nails will take notice.


8.Tom of Finland

Depending on who's carrying this bag and how they're carrying it, the bag gives the real illusion that someone is packing heat. For some guys, they will have a lot of fun with it, holding it in just the right position so it appears as if the jeans on the bag are actually his.

9.Plastic Bags Destroy

This is a very important message that sometimes goes by the wayside. With this bag, it's right in your face telling you what plastic does to our nature and our wildlife. As the shopper appears to be holding this dead bird by the neck, we all get the picture now.



This is a really cool bag for Pepsi. The design effect makes it appear as if the shopper is pouring a Pepsi for a guy to drink. It's sure to catch some eyes as people pass by. And, if the advertising is done well, it will make them thirsty enough to go by a Pepsi.

11.The Edinburgh Dungeon

Kind of gruesome but it makes a big impact, this ad bag is promoting Sawney Bean, Cannibal of Scotland at The Edinburgh Dungeon. It looks as if the shopper is having his hand bitten by Sawney Bean, while their blood is dripping down his face and onto his chest area.


12.Pulling Hair

This clever bag looks as if the shopper is pulling the guy's hair and holding him that way. His facial expression and the way the hair bunches together when the bag is cinched, all work together to give this great illusion to anyone passing by. And, that's exactly the point of the advertising bag.

13.Ripped Abs

It's a good thing that this guy is carrying a bag with, what appears to be, healthy food. We can at least see lettuce sticking out of the top. When holding the bag up to his chest, it appears as if he has a six pack and it would be too funny if Oreo cookies were sticking out of the bag instead.


Daihatsu, like Volkswagen, got into the bag advertising game with this nifty looking bag that appears as if the shopper is holding the steering wheel of their vehicle. The more creative the bag, the more the wow factor, the more customers will be drawn into the showroom, or any business.

15.Volkswagen Golf GTI

A very cool bag, advertising the Volkswagen Golf GTI. Appearing as if the shopper has their arm resting on the door to the vehicle, its a very clever way to draw customers to the Volkswagen showroom. Ad agencies are working for many companies to come up with these types of incredible designs.


These bags are all about saving energy. Showing appliances unplugged and making it appear that the shopper is holding the appliance by the cord, is a fun way to get a serious message out to the masses. Everyone will take note of the bright yellow bag with the cool design.

17.Eyeglasses On The Runway

Trends always seem to start on the fashion runway, and these bags are no different. Here a model is holding up a bag that makes it appear that she is wearing a shirt and tie with a blazer over it. With only her eyes looking through the handle of the bag, she is masked by the bag's image of a man.

18.The Burn Bag

The Burn Bag is a great bag for anyone wanting to lose weight and tone up. When its open, the bag looks wide and without shape, but when closed, the waist is cinched, giving the appearance of losing weight. This is a fun way to promote maintaining a healthy weight while being cool enough to carry around anytime.


This is a really cool sneaker bag by Kong. It appears that the shopper is holding the sneaker by the shoelaces, and the shoe laces are threaded through the bag and picture of the sneaker. Very innovative and a bag that can be used for a number of things after shopping.


This Greenpeace bag shows a monkey holding hands with the shopper, with the words, "Give Me Your Hand - Greenpeace." When the bag is held is really does appear that the shopper and the monkey are indeed holding hands, getting across exactly the message Greenpeace hopes to spread around the world.

21.Digital Camera

Digital Camera A very clever way to advertising digital cameras. From the front it looks like a camera is hanging on a camera strap, and on the back you actually see the back of the camera and its point of view. People actually collect bags like this to use over and over again.


These bags from YKM are super cool. When the bag is not being held it appears that the guy is about to jump the rope, but when being held, he's already jumped and the rope is above his head. It's simple but so clever, that most people who get this bag, never want to give it up.

23.Ann Summers

Ann Summers is a store that sells lingerie and apparently whips. This clever bag makes it appear as if the shopper is carrying a whip in their hand. A cute and fun way to advertise and draw customers into the shop. Some may even stop in just to get the bag.

24.Fitness Company

Creative bag ads are all the rage. Companies are hiring outside ad agencies to come up with ideas for their bags. This is a great way to advertise as other see people carrying the bag and have to investigate. Some are really creative, such as this fitness company that makes it appear that the person is carrying around a dumbbell.


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