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24 Guys Who Love Being In Friend Zone

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 7:31 pm

1.Is it better than nothing?

The question here is whether or not it actually is better than nothing because at this point they look happy, but is he just posing for the cameras? Could you manage to just be in the friend zone like this?

2.A brave man

Well this is certainly being a good friend because she is quite far back at this concert and just does not want to miss out on what is going on. Instead, he has somehow hoisted her up onto his shoulders and we should applaud him.

3.A guy friend for photographs

When it comes to a guy friend being in the friend zone, then it does appear to be the case that he has to be strong to make sure that photographs such as this one can be taken. At least he gets her to climb all over him even though it is entirely innocent.

4.Pose nicely

Look this guy is in the friend zone because she is all dressed up like that and he is in a shirt. At this moment in time he is merely a model to hang onto for the sake of this photograph, so he could have at least thought about smiling.

5.The t-shirt says it all

You can tell that this guy is just over the moon that he is best friends with a cheerleader because surely at school that is what most guys want? In actual fact he is so proud that he has his own t-shirt.

6.A bridge too far

This guy is showing how to do the ultimate friend zone thing by acting as a bridge for her to walk over. Imagine putting your body on the line in this way just to make sure that she does not get her feet wet.

7.The gaming chair

This just cannot be good for you if you are turned into this kind of chair? Yes you have made sure that she has the best possible viewing platform for the game, but she is sitting on your shoulders!!


8.Sleeping together..almost

If you find that you are going to snooze together, but these are the sleeping arrangements, then you are going to be firmly in the friend zone. You just have to remember where you are, what you are doing, and who you are and do not get too close.

9.A chair for band practice

Clearly she felt that she would be unable to play the guitar sitting on the grass, so up pops her best guy friend who then presents her with his very own back to sit on. To her he is now a hero and to him he is now a chair.


10.Get those toes clean

If you find yourself squashed into a tiny space and using cotton wool to clean her toes, then there is a good chance that you are indeed in the friend zone. Imagine how you have to sit there and pamper her like this just to be close to her for some time?

11.Public transport

Surely this is taking the friend zone thing a bit too far? At which point does it become acceptable to be turned into a chair in public transport without destroying yourself in the process?


12.Going to the game

In this instance it is all about going to the game together, but she is pretty straightforward in telling people about him being her best guy friend. Is that what he wants or is he just putting on a brave face?

13.The laptop holder

This has to be taking the friend zone to an entirely new level because this guy is indeed acting as a laptop holder while she types away. She clearly prefers him doing this than putting it down on a table like most people.

14.Let her enjoy her concert

If you are the chair at a concert in order to make sure that she enjoys herself, then yep you are in the friend zone. This guy is just focusing on not dropping her because that would be the friendship over in a flash.

15.Doing homework

If you are a geek at school, then there is a good chance that you will indeed by in the friend zone of a few girls. Of course that is just so that you will do their homework, but hey at least you get to talk to them.

16.The bag carrier

When you are resorted to carrying the only bag she has on her person and you get no reward in return, then you know that you are in the friend zone. This guy better hope that she does not go on a shopping spree.

17.Comfortable outdoors

You have both been out one evening and her feet are in agony, so what do you do as a friend? That is easy because the only option is to become a chair even if it does mean that you have to sit in the road.

18.A comfy chair?

You can always pick out the guy who is in the friend zone in a group when he is the one that is being used as a chair. At least he can say that he has been close to her butt.

19.Putting her shoes on

Yep if you have to kneel down to tie her lace while she just stands there, then you know that you are firmly in that friend zone and you better get used to doing things like this. People will instantly know the role you have if they see this happening.

20.The bench

You know that if she is hot, and you are not, then being a bench is the only way in which you can ever get underneath her in any capacity. That is something that you are more than willing to be in the friend zone for and you can see he is happy by the smile on his face.

21.Painting nails means a friend

Yeah if you are a guy and you are having to resort to painting her nails, then you are in the friend zone and there is nothing that you can do about it. You better do a good job of it all or you could also end up in some trouble.

22.Protecting her modesty

You just know that this guy is not going to complain about doing this because he is just trying to be a good friend and protect her modesty the best he can. She better be grateful for what he is doing here.

23.The walking chair

Well this guy is certainly well in the friend zone because do you ever see couples in a relationship acting like this? Basically this guy is a walking chair for her, but he is quite happy to be like this.

24.Close..but not quite

The thing about this guy is that he looks as if he could actually be with her, but then the comment on Facebook just destroys that particular myth. However, he gets to have her wrapped around him, so he is happy.


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