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Adorable Sad Animal Pictures

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 8:39 am

1.Puppy dog Eyes

This little puppy knows how to use his puppy dog eyes to his advantage, The dog's expression is confusing. His eyes show sadness, while the little smirk on his face makes him appear devious. This adorable pup definitely gets a lot of attention, so it's doubtful he'll stay sad for long.

2.Fed-Up Polar Bear

This Polar Bear probably needs a Tylenol and an ice pack. It's cute to see an animal evoke human-like expressions, even if that expression is sadness. This polar bear hides its face, as though it just had a traumatic experience. The pose is so dramatic that this animal belongs in some sort of movie.

3.Snoopybabe the Cat

Snoopybabe's sad doe-eyes will put you in a trance. This kitty is an American short-hair and Persian crossbreed. His large eyes are indeed real and makes you want to snatch him up and take him home. In actuality, Snoopybabe is a very popular cat. He has his own Facebook and Instagram pages, where he has hundreds of friends.

4.Sad-Looking Koala Bear

If Ed Asner was an animal, he'd be this koala bear. He has no human features, but his eyes are filled with sadness. In truth, this koala looks like he's waiting to be put out of his misery. Koalas are typically friendly animals that spend their time in trees, so to see one who looks like he's hanging on by a thread is rather sad.

5.Sad Bear on the Loose

Bears aren't the type of animal you want to cuddle, but it looks like this bear, needs a bear hug. Not only does this bear appear to be sad, but he seems to be hungry or thirsty as well. He's sprawled out on a rock and just appears to be lifeless.

6.Pouting Dog

Someone's had a long day. It's hard to tell if this dog is sad, or just very tired. The many folds in the dog's skin/fur make it hard to detect the exact emotion this pup might be feeling at the moment. But judging by his protruding tongue, he's probably just tuckered out.

7.Sad Dog Finds a Friend

Sometimes seeking refuge in a friend is all you need to put you in a better mood. Dogs and cats have been labeled enemies for several years, but these two animals dismiss that notion. Though the cat is sleeping, he is a comforting friend for his dog pal, who seems to be depressed and unhappy.


8.Sad Baby Penguin

Someone left this baby penguin all by his lonesome. Penguins don't have facial expressions like other animals. But for some reason, with this photo, you can see the sadness this penguin Is feeling. Then again, that's the same exact face some elderly people have when they aren't able to have a bowel movement.

9.Bunny Stuck in A Box

This bunny's sad expression is completely understandable. Bunnies are active creatures that like to bop around. Unfortunately, this little bunny doesn't have that freedom. This bunny's face, coupled with the positioning of his paws on the box makes your heart melt, as he is just itching to get out of that box.


10.Lost Pug

Pugs have wrinkly skin, much like elderly humans, so they show a lot of emotion on their faces. This pug appears to be lost, and if I didn't know any better he looks as though he's about to burst into tears. His sad expression could be due to someone putting him in that ugly looking sweater.

11.Sad Kitty

This kitty needs some warm milk. This cat looks like it's both bored and sad. Cats are fairly independent animals and even if you don't pay them any mind, they are resourceful enough to find something to do with their time. However, this cat looks as though he wants to be hugged or taken outside.


12.Shamed Bird

This poor little chick is so sad that he's hanging his head in shame. Even though he's a bird, his pose mimics that of a child who has just been reprimanded by their parents. You can't see the chick's full-on expression, but its body language does all the talking.


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