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Ads That Should Be Banned

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 5:58 pm


You do have to question just why they decided to have a guy standing on the head of this woman in this advert as it just does not make any sense whatsoever. It just does not fit in with what they are selling because what is the actual connection here? If you can see it then you are as crazy as the person that made the advert.

2.Smoking Santa

This would certainly make children look at Santa in a different way if they knew that he was a heavy smoker. It does explain why he has to be flown everywhere as he wouldn't have the energy or air capacity in his lungs to walk. Oh well at least in this advert they did have a Christmas box.

3.Kenwood chef

This sexism theme does appear to be continuing with various adverts and you just know that it is not being done tongue in cheek either. That is the reason as to why it should be banned because it is just not on that adverts along these lines are out there, but hey she looks happy, but even that is fake.


OK so cellophane has been a useful item in a number of different ways, but have you ever looked at a baby or a small child and thought, hey I know lets wrap them up!! Surely they could have selected something better than this? Surely this advert could have been done differently?


There is just so much wrong with this advert that it is quite difficult to know where to start. What child is going to want to start shaving at this age and why would they even think about putting a baby in an advert for a razor? Have they seen something that we have been missing out on? Are there hairy babies somewhere in the world?

6.Van Heusen

How can you take an advert for a tie and turn it into something that is as sexist as this? The image, the text, and basically everything about the advert is just so wrong, but of course the people that made it never saw it this way resulting in something that was indeed put out there for the public to see.

7.Ironing table

This was actually part of an advert for an ironing table and once again it is sexism in its prime. The idea of a guy measuring his wife for it would now result in the measuring stick being shoved somewhere that would not be very nice. Oh how times have changed.



The funny part about this advert is that the guy is almost trying to calm his wife with beer and thinks that it will make her feel a whole lot better about herself. It is of course a bit on the sexist side to have this advert out there, but one thing that is for certain is you will never forget it.

9.Postage meter

Is it not a bit brutal to question if it is ever legal to kill a woman? Even though it is an old advert you do wonder how they managed to come up with this idea and then also thought that it was actually fine to put it out there. At this point you even forget what they are trying to sell.



Ahh nothing better than a bit of sexism in an advert and this is a perfect example of it. You can just imagine guys stuck in the past forcing vitamins down the throat of their wife to get her to do more work, but it really does not work that way even though the advert claims otherwise.

11.Coca Cola

The fact that they claim that tests show it is a good thing is just something that is shocking to see. Of course it would not be allowed as the company would be in all kinds of trouble, so at least our drinks ads are a bit better when it comes to claiming various things, or are they?



You have to admit that this old advert is something that should never see the light of day ever again due to the message that it is putting across. The idea that 7Up is something that a baby should be given would of course be scorned upon now, so perhaps our adverts are not that bad.


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