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Amazing Bioluminescent Organisms

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 2:27 pm

1.Crystal Jelly

Crystal Jelly is found in the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of North America. These creatures are delicate but emit a glowing light that can appear as a fireworks display. Crystal beads of light run through the clear jellyfish skin, creating a dazzling display., that can be amazing when they are seen in groups.

2.Ctenophore Bathocyroe

Common in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the Bathocryro fosteri measures up to two inches tall. The fragile sea creature produces a fabulous blue and green glow, that when gathered together, looks like a magnificent light show. Looking more like an outline than a solid creature, the effect is amazingly beautiful.

3.Jack-O-Lantern Mushroom

Jack O Lantern Mushrooms have something most creatures and plants do not ... glowing poop. Expelling waste through its gills, the waste contains material that glows. With an orangey coloring, they are dubbed the Jack O Lantern because they can resemble a pumpkin, and can also grow big enough to be one.

4.Hawaiian Bobtail Squid

Some creatures can create light in the darkest places, like the bottom of the sea. The Hawaiian Bobtail Squid can control its glow through special light organs within their bodies. The light generates nervous signals that other members of the species can detect. It's an effective way for them to communicate.

5.Alarm Jellyfish

Sound the bells the alarm jellyfish is here. This is a great defense for the helpless jellyfish who may be attacked by a predator. Their glowing colors attract help from other bigger and more apt fish in the sea. A great display of color and light, make this struggle look almost like a light show at a museum.

6.Glowing Mushrooms

Sprouting from fallen chinquapin trees, glow in the dark mushrooms get their luminescence from a chemical reaction with a light emitting pigment. With a green glow they can grow up to one inch in diameter, but only live a few days after the rain stops because they are prone to dehydration.


Fireflies light up to attract their mates. Often referred to as lightning bugs, their abdomens make light through specialized cells in their skin. Fireflies are one of the most loved insects at nighttime when they light up the sky in a beautiful display. They are one welcome bug, that no one shoes away.


8.Firefly Squid

Glowing a beautiful blue color, Firefly squid line the shores of Japan, lighting up the night sky. The three inch long water creatures is covered in photophores, using their glowing light to communicate with other firefly squids, named this way because of their similarity to the actual firefly. The light is produced by a chemical reaction.

9.Glow Worm

The official name of the glow worm is Lampyris noctiluca, and is part of the firefly species. Female glow worms are twice the size of the males, but the males have wings and the females do not. That may not sound fair, but the females have the greatest feature of all, they can glow and the males cannot.



Common in fresh water, Dinoflagellates are mostly marine plankton. Looking as if they have a finger trailing off of them, these little creatures glow. With some of them living in coral, the colors can be mesmerizing. When there are numerous amounts of them in one place, they color the water red, with locals calling it red tide.

11.Panellus Stipticus

Mostly found in eastern North America, the Panellus stipticus is a tough plant that likes rainwater. A mushroom that luminesces a bright green color, they are hardwood rotting saprobes that can be used as a blood thickening agent in humans. This plant is widely distributed throughout the United States.



With a chemical in their exoskeleton, the glow when put under a black light. These poisonous creatures look like a lobster but instead they live on land instead of at the bottom of the ocean. Their poisonous spear is not fun, so even though they glow, they won't be allowed to play in any reindeer games.


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