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Amazing Bottle Openers

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 5:52 pm

1.Key Bottle Opener

Keys aren't just for opening doors anymore. The best kinds of gadgets are the ones that hide in plain sight, just like this key bottle opener. No one would know that this is a bottle opener, from just looking at it. The bottle opener feature meshes with the overall structure of the key seamlessly.

2.Zombie Bottle Opener

Don't use your hand to open a bottle when there are plenty of zombies running around. This bottle opener is fun to look at, and seems simple to use. The zombie hand is doing all the work, and you just have to stand around and wait for your beverage. This tool is a handy replacement for all the men who wait around for a woman to bring them an opened beverage from the fridge.

3.Comb Bottle Opener

This is a 2-for-1 deal. Not only do you get a sturdy bottler opener, but you also get a comb as well. Just make sure you don't spill any of your drink and then comb your hair, and you'll be fine. This bottle opener does have one major flaw. The opener and the teeth are both made of steel, so once a person applies pressure to the opener, those teeth are going to leave lots of indent marks on the hand. Bottled beverages do taste good, but they're not worth the pain.

4.High-Heel Shoe Bottle Opener

Shoes have always been an accessory for women, and now they can add this bottle opener to their collection. This shoe bottle opener is stylish, but it's also very well made. The texture on the sole of the shoe, makes gripping the bottle opener much easier. This is a great item for women to use when they don't have their guy around to open bottles for them. This isn't the kind of bottle opener a man would use unless he threw his in the trash, and even then he'd probably try to find a way to open his bottles with something else.

5.Hammer Bottle Opener

This hammer bottle opener is all bark and no bite. The opener aspect is on the tail-end of the hammer, which makes the gadget hard to use and the design itself pointless. If you can't figure out how to use this bottle opener then just use the hammer portion to break it open; that's if you want liquid all over your clothing.

6.Ace Bottle Opener

It's always good to have an Ace in your back pocket. The maker of this ingenious gadget used the basic features of an Ace of Spades playing card and made it into a great bottle opener. The cut-out spade in the center dips in the middle, so it can open bottles. This dip isn't noticeable at first because of the texture on the steel.

7.Gold Club Bottle Opener

Golf connoisseurs everywhere would love this gadget. Much like a golf club, this bottle opener has a long handle to ensure that the consumer will be able to open items with ease. The opener is steel on one side and painted on the other, which gives it a classy look. Though the 'neck' of the opener is slender, the steel material will prevent it from breaking when opening bottles.


8.Pacman Bottle Opener

Pacman has found something new to chomp on. With the metal 'teeth' parts in his mouth added to help open bottles, this Pacman looks devious. This is a small device, and on top of being a bottler opener, it is also a keychain. Someone with large hands or fingers would have a hard time using this opener, but it's pretty cool to look at.

9.iPhone Bottle Opener

iPhones can even open bottles now. This little invention is an iPhone case and bottle opener, all-in-one. A stainless steel opener is attached to the bottom of the case, so the buyer can use the phone as leverage when they open a bottle. It would be devastating if someone shook the bottle beforehand and the iPhone got wet. If that were to happen, then that iPhone would be worth less than the actual opener.


10.Ronaldinho Bottle Opener

This bottle opener of soccer great Ronaldinho is an antique. Though it looks like a reenactment of Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield's ear, it's just a simple bottle opener. If it wasn't for the metal peeking from inside its mouth, this would look like a random Ronaldinho bobble head toy instead.

11.iPod Bottle Opener

If only iPods could really open bottles. This bottle opener can't play music, but it can help you get access to a tasty beverage. This clever idrink bottle opener allows users to get a wide and firm grip on the base, which is something a lot of openers are lacking. Walking around with this opener is a great way to fool those friends who always want to borrow or listen to your iPod.


12.Moe Szyslak Bottle Opener

Moe Szyslak has spent over 20-years serving beer to Homer on The Simpsons, and now he's opening bottles in real-life. This opener is the mirror image of the grumpy bartender. The great thing is that this opened comes with its own case, so the user won't have to worry about pricking themselves with it.


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