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12 Amazing Buddha Tattoos That Will Make You Say I Want One

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 12:24 pm

If you are looking for a tattoo that conveys peace, tranquil, and meditation, then you should add Buddha tattoo to your research book in addition to those peace symbols. Gautama Buddha, as you know, was the founder of Buddhism. The religion is known to be one of the world's most peaceful religions. Whether you believe in Buddhist preachings or not, a Buddhist tattoo on your skin straight away leaves an impression that you are one among many people who wish for peace and harmony in an otherwise chaotic world. Check these 12 amazing Buddha tattoos for inspiration. 
1.This Om-Buddha Tattoo

Tattoo enthusiasts often think Buddha tattoos need to be large, and they often decide against getting one because of their wrong assumption. A Buddha tattoo can be small or as creative as you can see here in the picture. The tattoo is an Om symbol with Buddha's mediating eyes patterned within the religious symbol. As you may know, Om is a holy symbol of all the major religions founded in India such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Apparently, the tattoo also has pictorial reference to the other holy elements of Buddhism like lotus, holy lights, etc. 

This Om-Buddha Tattoo-12 Amazing Buddha Tattoos That Will Make You Say I Want One

2.This Minimalistic Buddha Tattoo On Wrist

Unlike the previous Buddha tattoo, we have seen just now, the one in this picture depicts meditating Buddha completely. Visibly, it's not that big either. It fits nice and perfect on wrist, and if you are willing to get a minimalistic Buddha tattoo, this has to be it. The tattoo looks a bit peculiar on the wrist, so, and if you feel the same, you can have it in some other place like arm, shoulder, back, or just below the neck. However, if you are a fan of 3D and colorful tattoos, scroll down to see more Buddha tattoo options. 

This Minimalistic Buddha Tattoo On Wrist-12 Amazing Buddha Tattoos That Will Make You Say I Want One

3.This 3D Buddha Tattoo

This Gautama Buddha tattoo has to be one of the best on this topic. It's 3D-ish, colorful, and that Lotus, in particular, is very impressive. It just has that wow factor that many tattoo enthusiasts want to have in their body art. Buddha's face looks a bit different in the picture, though. Gautama Buddha is often depicted to have sharp facial features, but here in this tattoo, he seems a little uncharacteristic with his plump cheeks. If you are planning to get a Buddha tattoo, make sure your tattoo artist gets the facial features of the God right. 

This 3D Buddha Tattoo-12 Amazing Buddha Tattoos That Will Make You Say I Want One

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