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15 Google Hacks That Make Your Life Simpler

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 4:56 pm

Google is undoubtedly the best thing ever happened to internet. Internet does bring information to our home, but Google brings it on to our coffee tables. Google opened doors for an ocean of information, without which it would have been difficult for common people to explore world beyond their knowledge. 
Every day we search Google for various purposes. Here are fifteen Google hacks that help make your everyday 'Googling' better!
1.Weather Forecast

You can instantly find current day weather and weather forecast on Google easily. All you need to type is 'weather in *your city name*' in Google to find weather information for the day and as well for the coming days ahead. The words weather and your city names display instant weather information on Google results page.
Example keywords: Weather in Los Angeles, Weather in Adelaide, London Weather etc.

Weather Forecast-15 Google Hacks That Make Your Life Simpler

2.Check Nutritional Information of Foods

Google shows calorie and other important nutritional information of different foods instantly on search engine results page. This comes in very handy to those who constantly keep a watch on their food intake. Type 'calories in *food name*' in Google to check calorie data instantly. You can also find protein and vitamin content of foods.
Example keywords: calories in butter, butter calories, protein in egg, vitamin A in carrot etc.

Check Nutritional Information of Foods-15 Google Hacks That Make Your Life Simpler

3.Compare Foods and Their Nutritional Value

This is yet another handy hack that helps people compare two different foods and their nutritional information. People who love to eat healthy, or people who are trying to lose weight, can use this feature. Type 'Food 1 vs. Food 2' in Google and you will be shown a comparison table of two foods. 
Example keywords: Pizza vs. Broccoli, Rice vs. Wheat, Chicken vs. Pork etc

Compare Foods and Their Nutritional Value-15 Google Hacks That Make Your Life Simpler

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