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Amazing Rooftop Structures

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 3:21 pm

1.Grand Daddy Hotel

The Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa is home to the most unique trailer park. Seven silver trailers were airlifted from the United States and then revamped on the inside, to create luxury trailers with a view. Not your typical trailer park, these trailer homes are chic, urban retreats.

2.Penfield Manufacturing - Syracuse, NY

A little victorian house was built on top of the Penfield Manufacturing Company in Syracuse, New York. The factory built in 1880, made therapeutic mattresses, but closed down in 2005. As for the little red house, it was never inhabited, but was rather a decoration, or gimmick which garnered a lot of attention.

3.Didden Village - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Sitting on the roof of a private residence, is a roof addition in bright blue. Designed by a Dutch architecture firm, it gives the Didden Family more space to live and work, but also appears like its own little village complete with courtyards, alleys, benches, tables and even a pool.

4.Selfridge - London, England

A man made lake that is dyed green is the main attraction on the roof of the Selfridge Department Storein London. Miles of steel were used in the construction of the building, in order to support the lake. Originally, home to rooftop gardens from the 1920's to the 1930's, the building was bombed during World War II, and was not reopened since then.

5.Temple Rooftop - Shenzhen, China

Atop a twenty story building, a private temple sits on the roof. Built illegally, it has resided in Shenzhen for three years and is inaccessible to the public, or residents of the building. The temple raised concerns over its weight, particularly by residents of the building, but it still remains.

6.Park View Estate - Beijing, China

A two story mountain villa sits high atop an apartment building in the middle of the Chinese capital. Designed by Zhang Biqing, is made u of trees and patios, and even has a karoake studio built in. Due to the weight of the mountain villa, it is scheduled for demolition.

7.Fallen Star - University of California

Designed by South Korean artist, Do Ho Suh, this latest piece of artwork added to the University of California's art collection, stands out, or rather sticks out of the roof. A team of engineers constructed the design over several years, basing it off of Suh's vision of a New England style house.


8.Futsal Park - Shibuya Station, Japan

High above Shibuya Station in Tokyo is the most unlikeliest of creations ... a soccer field. The Adidas Futsal Park sits atop the building with a 270 degree view of the city. Nightly futsal tournaments are played on the rooftop field, a 14,00 square foot pitch. Built in 2001, the view from the top is as breathtaking as those viewing it from other buildings.

9.Strabag Headquarters - Bratislava, Slovakia

Artist Erwin Wurm was hired by Strabag headquarters to design the outside of their building in Slovakia. Known for his "house attack" style, a house is smashed into the side of the building, hanging upside down. Five hundred and thirty people are employed and work inside the building, that is filled with art.


10.Houses On Houses - Dongguan

Perched on pillars over a factory in Dongguan, these rooftop buildings completed construction, but were never used. According to the local government, the houses were not in accordance with the size guidelines and were deemed illegal. The are a unique sight in the city, as they sit high above the factory, untouched.

11.77 Water Street Rooftop Helicopter Pad- New York City

Built in 1970, the office tower at 77 Water Street in New York stunned Manhattanites with its unique rooftop. A WWII helicopter is perched top the building on a rooftop runway, complete with functioning lights and machinery that a runway would have, even if the plane is a non working replica.


12.Jiutian International Square

Four villas with gardens were built atop the eight story Jiutian International Square shopping mall in Zhuzhou, China. These villas are reserved for the 160 real estate management employees, and have every amenity of a typical house, complete with electricity and water, but they include a panoramic view of the city.


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