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Amazing Bed Pillows

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 3:51 pm

1.Creative design Pillow

These pillows are just some fun as they include various pictures so when you lie there you get a completely different image. They are clever and they just add some humor to the bedroom, but of course the moment you move your head off the central part the effect is kind of lost, but you are then sleeping, so who cares?


The scary part about this pillow is not that it is a shark, but it is the fact that you can actually go inside it. Surely this is not a good idea? Why would you even want to say..well I fancy sleeping inside a shark tonight!! This may be an amazing pillow, but its practicality lets it down.


This has to be another pillow that has been designed by a guy as it resembles a female butt and you have to admit that it does look rather comfortable. Of course it will be a bit strange waking up with your face stuck in her butt, however, if you can get over that you should be able to have quite a good nights sleep.


This could only be designed by a guy and you have to admit that it is quite a funny pillow although perhaps it is best if you are single if you want to buy this. Imagine the look on the face of your partner if they wake up to see two giant pillow breasts staring at them. What kind of a conversation would that lead to?


This is actually a pregnancy pillow and it is supposed to lead to you sleeping in the same position as a baby in the womb. It is a clever idea, but it is basically a long thin pillow that you wrap around you in order to get comfortable. However, if it helps you to sleep and makes you feel safe, then it is all worth it.


Even though they look hard, these rocks are actually pillows and it just makes you feel as if you are sleeping in one of those ball pits you played in as a child. They are soft, they are cuddly, and there are loads of them and sleeping there is certainly a lot of fun as well as being comfortable.

7.Blood pillow

This pillow is really for the practical joker out there since it resembles a blood spill and you have to admit that it is pretty effective at what it does. It may not be the biggest pillow, but imagine the shock of someone if they walk in and see you like this? Does that not make it all worthwhile?



This shows how guys think differently because this particular girlfriend pillow focuses on her lap so you can fall asleep resting on her. It is a clever design even though it may not look particularly comfortable, but there are a lot of guys out there who would love to own this and happily fall asleep there.

9.Boyfriend pillow

If you long to be held as you sleep, then this boyfriend pillow is going to be the ideal solution. It gives you part of a chest, a shoulder, and an arm behind you and it just makes you feel a lot safer as if the guy of your dreams is actually there with you.


10.Long distance

This pillow is so, so cool and it is the ideal one for couples that are separated. It actually does light up when the other person is lying on it, so even though you are apart you can still kind of sleep beside one another and feel closer to them than you would have otherwise done.

11.Tissue pillow

How useful is this going to be if you have a cold and find yourself in bed? Yes with this pillow you can use it as a tissue dispenser and yet again it is a clever design that you will undoubtedly find useful. The only thing you need to do is to keep filling it up.


12.Alarm clock pillow

This pillow is the work of a genius because it is not only somewhere to rest your head, but it also acts as your alarm clock at the same time. It is actually very comfortable to use, so do not think that electronics will be sticking in your ear as that is not the case and overall it is a really cool gadget.


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