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Amazing Dragon Tattoos

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 3:32 pm


This canvas is a masterpiece. There is hardly a piece of skin that is not touched in this tattoo, creating not just the dragon but his stormy environment. Blacks and dark reds, pull this dragon from the ravages of fire and clouds, as he burrows his way out of the turmoil.

2.Let's Dance

This whimsical dragon wears the color of power, as he tiptoes across the proverbial dance floor. A red dragon is all power and force, but this fella looks to be quite deonaire as he flits about. Great line work and detail give him an eye popping allure and his expression is priceless.

3.Yin And Yang Dragons

Are they lovers, or are they fighting? With dragons you never know. Seeing their tails intertwined, makes it appear as if these dragons are the same as the rest of us. They love to be together, but have their spats. There is no better opponent for a dragon, than another dragon.

4.Dragon's Got Back

A gorgeous full back dragon tattoo with deep, red accents turns the formidable dragon into a work of art. Shadows and the use of black make for the dragon pop, while the red adds beauty and color to the piece. The back makes the perfect canvas for this sprawling dragon to breathe some fire.

5.Emerald The Dragon

This beautifully designed dragon looks to be hiding out on this man's arm, but we see his fierce gaze. Great color and line work, mixed with lots of shadowing really make this tattoo stand out. A great addition of a skull, adds to the mystery, and folk lore, that is the dragon.

6.Purple People Eater

Barney isn't the only reptile that can wear purple well. His baby dragon cousin looks just as innocent and cute in this fabulous tattoo. Who says all dragons have to be mean. They can be fun! Great colors and line work, make this little creature simply adorable and quite lovable.

7.Classic Dragon

This magnificent dragon tattoo shows the ancient aesthetic of the asian dragon. Detailed scale work with vibrant colors with shading give this tattoo a classic feel. The claws show emotion, and bring fierceness to the depiction, and the face says it all. Dragon tattoos have a certain mystery to them, that has ancient lure.


8.Dragon Tales

This dragon tattoo wraps around the shoulder to the chest and ribs. A great tattoo design seen from both the front and back, and giving the illusion that the dragon is actually hanging on the man's shoulder. Great color and line work give this tattoo a lot of pop and panache.

9.Green With Envy

A great canvas for beautiful, vibrant colors on this emerald dragon. Spanning the entire back, this dragon is done with fine line detail, and shadowing to bring him to life. A fire breather, that brings power and strength to those born under the sign of the dragon ... and those who make it part of their body.


10.Fantasy Dragon

A great 3-D tattoo of the fierce and feared dragon. The tattoo artist used lots of black with great line work, to make this tattoo look like it's meshed with the skin, flowing in and back out. The details pull you in, making this dragon more lifelike than most.

11.Fire Breasting Dragon

This dragon has a smug look on his face, an almost snide look. Well, they say location is everything, and it seems this dragon is happy with his home on the breast of this woman. Red is a symbol of power for the fire breathing dragon. Better keep him happy!


12.Hear Me Roar

This dragon has lots of detail and color, with intense line work and amazing shadowing. You can almost feel his breathe as jumps out at your, right off the skin. Great contours and lifelike scales make this dragon pop. A sign of strength, anyone who wears this creature shall conquer all foes.


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