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Amazing Life Hacks You Should Know

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 6:42 pm

1.Double the Space

If you live in a small space double up your space by adding mirrored wall tiles. You don't even have to fill the entire wall.

2.Wardrobe Tip

Keep musty wardrobes smelling fresh by making your own pot pourri. Choose citrus based fruits, cinnamon sticks and dried apples. Place in a gauze bag and hang up.

3.Clean White

Want to make your whites whiter than white? Hang them in the sun to dry. Sunlight bleaches them.

4.Sparkling Teeth

Looking for whiter cleaner looking teeth? Use baking soda. Cake it on a toothbrush and brush away the grime.

5.Age Spot

Use apple cider vinegar to remove dark spots. You might have to use it a few times to get results. Moisten a cotton wool pad and then dab it on the spot.

6.Lemon Juice

Clean office equipment with lemon juice. Makes sense if you consider that most cleaning agents contain lemon as part of their ingredients. It's not toxic and it works.

7.Freshen Up

Got stinky shoes, or other garments that have acquired an unsavory smell? Stick some fabric softener sheets in the shoes and put them in the tumble dryer. Problem solved.


8.Match Sticks

Cant get that screw to stay? Don't have a proper screw-hole handy? Use a match-stick. Shove it in, break off the end and viola!

9.Camp Fire

Run out of fire wood? Then use that packet of Doritos you brought along for a snack. Just try to ignore the cheesy smell if possible.


10.Snap It

Forget about making lists, take a photograph of your fridge or food cupboard. Way quicker! You can then store them on your phone or tablet.

11.Frozen Balloons

Frozen balloons make great ice-packs. You can also add them to a drinks bucket for a party effect.


12.Got Weeds?

Use vinegar! Who knew? This simple household product has many uses and killing weeds is one of them.


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