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Amazing Looking Mushrooms

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 3:39 pm


Bubbles! Now when I say bubbles I am not referring to Michael Jackson's former pet monkey. Look at this plain white mushroom. To me it looks like bubbles are being blown by this tree. With all the crazy and colorful mushroom we have seen, I think that this classic white bubble like formation is pretty and cool.


This is one cool looking fungus. Just look at it its doing its own thing growing the way it wants to. This mushroom is a rebel and I love it! Besides going against the grain I love how this mushroom looks like a tangled up octopus. If you squint just enough I bet you can see it too.

3.Blue Mushroom

Blue happens to be my favorite color. So its not surprise this blue beauty makes the list. Mushrooms do come in many colors. Red, yellow, even orange. You don't see to many blue mushrooms. You don't see many blue things that grown out of the ground period. I wonder how this mushroom tastes?

4.Artist Mushroom

This mushroom is an absolute work of art. Look at the textures and colors we got going on here. It looks like an artist took a paintbrush to the woods and painted this masterpiece. This looks like something that should be hanging in a museum not sliced and put in a salad.

5.Green Fro

This is another glowing mushroom. It's amazing how these things can glow. I still have to look that up. This mushroom also has something else going for it. It looks like a curly afro. Come on. I can't be the only who thinks this looks like a glowing version of what's on Corey Matthews head. (A 'Boy Meet World' reference for all you fans.)

6.Jelly time!

This mushroom is both disgusting and cool at the same time. Disgusting because look at the red ooze that is pouring out of it. It looks like jelly doesn't it? The reason why it's cool is the red jelly that is oozing on the side of it. It is disgusting and beautiful at the same time. I wonder what the ooze is anyway?

7.Coconut Mushroom

This mushroom grabbed my attention right of the bat. To this writer, this mushroom resembles an open coconut. It looks like someone took a coconut smashed it and then planted it on a tree. To back up my point, if you look the mushroom even has hair on it. Just like a coconut.


8.Sponge Mushroom

This mushroom is amusing. One of the reasons is that it is so tall. This mushroom is more than a few inches off the ground. The main reason why I like this mushroom is because looks like a giant sponge. Instead of eating it you can wipe down your kitchen counter with it.

9.Glow in the dark

This is something awesome! I do not know how mushrooms can glow, I do not know what makes mushrooms glow and I don't care. All I know is that it looks crazy. Not crazy in a bad way. Crazy in a good way. I don't know about you but I rather look at these mushrooms then eat them.


10.Taste the Rainbow

Look at this amazing fungus! Look at the colors. Look at the shape. This will not get your children to start eating their vegetables but it is cool to look at I would say. I did not know that mushrooms could resemble rainbows. Like they say you learn something new everyday.

11.Super Mario Mushroom

This fungus is awesome for one obvious reason. Can you get it? I think if you really think you can guess where I'm going with this one. This looks just like a mushroom from 'Super Mario Bros'! Doesn't it? If Mario was ever made into an action movie for this decade I think this would be the mushroom they would use.


12.Globe Mushroom

This is one awesome looking mushroom if I may say so myself. Just look at it its red and it's mainly hollow. This Mushroom actually looks like one of the globes that you would find at a museum rather then something that grows in the ground. I wonder how this one would taste on top of a pizza.


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