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Amazing Looking Phoenix Tattoos

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 5:12 pm

1.Comic look

When I look at this tattoo, the first thing that comes to mind is comic book. Doesn't this look like a phoenix that you would find illustrated in a comic book? I am reminded of the 'X-MEN' character Phoenix (Formally Jean Grey for all you 'X-MEN' fans) this tattoo is downright awesome.

2.A full house

This tattoo is astonishing. It is magnificent. It is almost indescribable. That's how epic this tattoo is. It takes up the entire back. It's vivid, and full of color. The detail on this tattoo is absolutely amazing. You know this took many hours if not days to complete. Any tattoo enthusiast would be proud to look at this.

3.Detail oriented

One thing that makes or breaks a tattoo is the detail. So many tattoos fall a part on closer inspection if you see things like sloppy lines and unrounded corners. This tattoo is a detail oriented person's dream. Look at the outlines. Not a line out of place. This is a true masterpiece.

4.Tribal Phoenix

This tattoo is great. It's two in one. It's a tribal tattoo and it's a phoenix tattoo. You get the best of both worlds with this one. Another cool thing is that it's a full back tattoo. Full back tattoo gives the phoenix tattoo roam full and free, and that is awesome.

5.3 in one

I love this tattoo in itself. It's great. It's big and it's full of fire and fury. I am not generally a leg tattoo fan but this one is awesome. Another thing I like is in the picture we get to see the different stages of the tattoo. We get beginning, middle, and end.

6.Orange explosion

We are sticking with the orange motif here. This design is cool for a couple of reasons. The color is great. The orange goes great with the light skin tone. I also like the design of the bird here. You can really play around with a lot of different looks when it comes to a phoenix, mainly because it's a mythological creature. It doesn't exist.

7.Mortal Kombat

Ok guys don't get jealous we are back to you on this one. This tattoo is awesome. I love how they went with orange instead of the traditional red. Another reason is that it almost looks like the 'Mortal Kombat' logo. 90's video game fans will be with me on this one.


8.Black and white sensation

We are giving the women some more love on this topic. We need to stick with the Ladies because they just rock the phoenix tattoo so well. I think it is the way the female body curves that allows the phoenix to be displayed in all of its illustrious glory.

9.Lady Phoenix

Its time for the Ladies to get in on this action. I am not being a pervert when I say this. I believe that the female body itself is a work of art. When you combine it with an amazing piece of tattoo art then it's a heck of a combination. This tattoo is majestic and all kinds of awesome. Black and white sensation


10.Simply and cool

Many tattoos now a day are ostentatious. It is rather refreshing to see a piece of body work that is simple. This phoenix tattoos is simple in all ways. Its black and the design is nothing crazy or over the top. Its simplicity is what its beauty is all about.

11.Flames galore

When you think of the mythological creature known as the phoenix you usually think of one thing. Flames, well this tattoo has plenty of that. I love the black background. That gives the tattoo a good base. The flames are what really make this one cool. It literally looks like this guys arm is literally on fire.


12.Black and Red

This was a sick looking tattoo. A Phoenix is cool enough but when you mix it with red and black you just cant loose. I also love how the wings are sharpened. You know this guy defiantly gets a lot of attention from the Ladies at the beach sporting this tattoo.


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