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Amazing Pics Of Train Passengers With Cartoon Heads By October Jones

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 9:23 am

1.Tom and Jerry

Now Tom clearly has an inkling that Jerry is around there somewhere, but look how he is hiding behind that chair. Now Tom has to work out how he can get across without rousing suspicion, but will he be able to do it?

2.Mean and moody

You have to say that this really is the absolute perfect cartoon character head for this actual real life human. It really does look as if he is sitting there watching something on his tablet and being completely oblivious to everything else that is going on around him.

3.Daffy Duck hit by a train window

Well it looks like Daffy has had his face re-arranged yet again and you can only imagine that he was hit by the train window because there is not really anything else there that could do as much damage. Poor guy, he is always getting into the wars.

4.Angry Pooh

Well Winnie the Pooh looks a bit angry, but maybe he has been waiting a long time for his train to come and that has put him in a mood? You can certainly understand him feeling like that if the train platform was cold and now he is on a noisy train when all he wants is his honey.

5.Their eternal chase

The eternal chase between these two apparently even extends to public transport. The thing about this chase is that roadrunner seems too relaxed, so maybe he is not even aware of who is behind him?

6.E.T going home

Well it looks like ET is indeed going home just not on the mode of transport that you expected him to. No wonder he looks a bit angry since his secret is out that he needs to use the train to get anywhere.

7.Kermit on his tablet

Well it is nice to see Kermit just relaxing for a change as he settles down on his tablet computer for the journey ahead. Hey at least he looks happy going by the big smile on his face.


8.Angry Mickey

Well see you thought that a certain Mr Mouse was all nice and easy to get along with, but that is certainly not the case as you can see here. Instead, he has a bit of an attitude problem, but then October was apparently laughing at his voice.

9.Batmobile must be in the shop

Obviously the Batmobile is in the shop because that is the only explanation for Batman being on the train rather than driving around in that. No wonder he looks a bit fed up because suddenly he is just traveling at a normal speed.


10.Better not make him angry

So the Hulk is sitting there on a train and nobody pays any attention to him? Surely they should be a bit concerned and trying their best not to upset him in any way?

11.Go Spiderman!!

Clearly when he cannot be bothered to swing around the city it turns out that Spiderman actually prefers to use the train. Here he is looking quite relaxed about it all and enjoying the fact that his arms will not be hurting.


12.Ahh there he is

At long last we have managed to find him and he was sitting on a train all of the time. In actual fact there was no way that they could do any other cartoon character when they were wearing that particular top.


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