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Americas 10 Most Expensive Zip Codes

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 6:43 pm

1.10012 New York

This is in the SoHo area of the city and the median home price is currently sitting at $4.2 million. Once again you do not get that much space for your money, but then you are in the middle of New York and everything really is at a premium. The fact that it is next door to two other top zip codes just shows how exclusive this entire part of the city really is.

2.94028 Portola Valley CA

This zip code is going to offer you some green space as well as peace and quiet and of course it also has homes such as this example here. You forget that you are in California as there is no feeling of being cramped in there, but then you would expect that when the median home price for here is $4.33 million.

3.07620 Alpine NJ

This is impressive and it is just one of many homes of this type that you will find in this particular zip code. The median home price is $4.48 million, and it is kind of easy to see why when you look at this type of home because you cannot help but marvel at the sheer scale of it.

4.10013 New York

This is Greenwich Village and this is just an example of the kinds of places that are available in this particular zip code. The median home price is quoted as being $4.61 million, so you need a bit of spare cash in order to actually live here, but boy do you end up with something nice and in one of the swankiest neighborhoods in the country.

5.10014 New York

This zip code is the West Village and it really is a beautiful part of this massive city. The median home price is $4.62 million and that is quite impressive although you do get quite a lot for your money at least in New York terms. This really is more about location though since space is at a premium.

6.11962 Sagaponak NY

OK so every house in this zip code does not have a putting green in front of it, but it gives you an idea as to the size of the homes available in 11962. The median home price is currently at $4.79 million so it just misses out on climbing an extra spot by a mere $100k. This is certainly one of the most exclusive areas in the entire US.

7.94920 Belvedere CA

Ok so the views you get from here are amazing and you have to admit that it is going to push the price up a bit as a result. The median home price here is $4.8 million, but you do get a slice of paradise with it and who would not want to wake up each morning to a view like this?


8.10065 New York

This is on the upper east side and it used to be the most expensive zip code in the country a couple of years ago whereas now it has to settle for third. The median home price here is currently $4.86 million, so things are not exactly cheap, but for the middle of a major city it is a lot of money when you consider the more expensive ones means you get more for your money.

9.94022 Los Altos Hills CA

With a median home price of $5.4 million, this zip code for Los Altos Hills is the second most exclusive in the country, but it does lag way behind the top code by almost $1 million. However, the homes here are fantastic as you can see and anyway what is $1 million between friends?


10.94027 Atherton CA

This is the most expensive zip code in the country as the median home price is currently at just over $6.5 million. This means it is seriously exclusive and you need to be ultra rich to live in this zip code and this is just one example of the homes that are available should you be lucky enough to be able to afford it.


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