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America's Best Medicine Schools 2013

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 7:43 pm


As is the norm with medical schools, this one focuses on certain areas when it comes to research, but the actual school itself also offers a well balanced program that will undoubtedly lead to its students working their way up the career ladder. The building is absolute state of the art and the staff really know how to teach.


This is a high quality medical school with an amazing reputation when it comes to new medical advances and the quality of its teaching. The students here will get a well rounded education and the foundation stones for building a wonderful career in the world of medicine.


This building may not look like much, but it is the medical school for Upenn and a lot of extremely intelligent doctors and research scientists have left those doors. It is of course tough to get into this school in the first place, but once in you can look forward to an excellent education.


Duke may be relatively small in size, but it is massive in stature and that is why its medical school is constantly voted as being one of the best in the country and indeed one of the best in the world. Some argue that the size works for it as it leads to more intense tutoring, but of course you need to have brains to go here in the first place.


At first a lot of people are confused as to how MIT makes it onto a list of the best medical schools in the country, but it shows how diverse they are and how well rounded this place actually is. By going here you are going to be taught by some of the best experts in their field and in some of the best facilities in the country giving you the best possible chance to have a successful career.


Columbia certainly has a great reputation in general, so it is not exactly a shock to find out that their medical school also makes it into a list of the best ones in the country. It may be a university in an older building, but do not let that fool you because inside you will find the latest medical devices and the latest teaching methods.


UCSF is capable of producing some of the brightest medical brains in the entire United States and it does it from very impressive facilities with all of the labs and classrooms that you will ever need. It can really pick and choose the medical students it takes in and it results in them being some of the best new doctors in the country.



The medical school at UCLA is very well equipped and has an international reputation when it comes to the research that it carries out. The students here are among the best in the country and with the reputation that the school has you need to be pretty special to get in.


There is no doubt that if you are looking at going somewhere to learn medicine that is seen as being prestigious, then there are few places better than Yale. This is a medical school that is steeped in tradition and in all honesty if you go here you will not be hanging around at the lower rung of the career ladder for very long.



Stanford is just pretty much excellent at almost everything, so it is no surprise to discover that its medical school has been voted as being the third best in the country. It is not only the best students that go there, but also the best lecturers as well resulting in some pretty amazing doctors walking through their doors.

11.Johns Hopkins

It may surprise people to discover that this university is ranked as the second best medical school in the country, but it has a great reputation for both teaching as well as research. It has been at the forefront of medicine for quite some time now and if you are lucky enough to go there then you should have a good career.



This is not just the top medical school in the US, but it is also seen as being the top medical school in the entire world. If you have studied here, then you are seen as being the next big thing in the medical world and so many top doctors and research scientists have passed through their doors that it is impossible to list their achievements here.


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