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12 Best Car Racing Games For Mobile

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 9:07 am

Racing is fun. Being ordinary people, many of us hardly get a chance to drive a high-speed car on a race track. Well, it doesn't mean we can't experience the adrenaline rush. We can! There is a way. It is by playing a car racing game. Car racing games have been famous for a very long time. People, irrespective of their age, love playing racing games. Over the years, car games have evolved a lot. Today, cars, tracks, roads, other vehicles, and nearly everything in a racing game look incredibly real. We now have console-quality racing games for mobile, which was a very distant dream almost a decade ago. Allow us to talk more about 12 of the best car racing games available for mobile to install and play.
10.Raging Thunder 2: Free

Raging Thunder 2 is another impressive car racing game for mobile. The game lets you race with other in-game racers on various exhilarating tracks that take you through abandoned temples, tropic beaches, snow-covered mountains, etc. This game has console-quality 3D graphics. The game mechanics make you feel like you are in control of a real car. Remember, Raging Thunder 2 is a fast-paced adventurous racing game. You need to be very, very fast to win races. It is a free game. However, you may have to buy game items like new cars and upgrades to be able to win advanced level races.
Game: Raging Thunder 2: Free
Price: Free to Install and Play, Optional In-app Purchases
Downloads: 10 Million to 50 Million
Reviews: 686,000+
Average Rating: 4.3
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Raging Thunder 2: Free-12 Best Car Racing Games For Mobile

11.City Racing 3D

City Racing 3D should impress any racing game fan. This game has a whole lot of cars to choose and play.  In addition to racing, you can also do cool stunts like drifts. City Racing 3D has real-looking cars and tracks. The game mechanics are excellent, especially the drifting motion while making a turn at higher speeds is incredible. This game lets you upgrade cars the way you want. Paint them with your favorite color or boost speed with turbo and nitro upgrades. City Racing 3D is a free game with in-app purchases that let you buy new cars or unlock race tracks at will.
Game: City Racing 3D
Price: Free to Install, Optional In-app Purchases
Downloads: 10 Million to 50 Million
Reviews: 900,000+
Average Rating: 4.5 

City Racing 3D-12 Best Car Racing Games For Mobile

12.Drag Racing

Drag Racing is one of the oldest car racing games out there in the market. It is a side-scrolling game, and we must say that this game is little different to other racing games in terms of game setting. We are habituated to playing racing games in a straight line, often from a third person perspective or cockpit view. If you want to play car racing game from a different perspective, you should give Drag Racing a shot. This game has over 2.5 million reviews from players. Watch out; many people have been leaving poor feedback to the game lately.  
Game: Drag Racing
Price: Free to Install and Play, Optional In-app Purchases
Downloads: 100 Million to 500 Million
Reviews: 2.5 Million+
Average Rating: 4.4 

Drag Racing-12 Best Car Racing Games For Mobile

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