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Best Chocolate Products

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 8:56 am


M&M's are candy coated chocolate buttons that are one of the most popular chocolate candies in the world. The candy shells are all colored in the basic color group and have the initial "M" on each. Some of the colors have changed over the years, but they have been a favorite of children ever since they hit the shelves.

2.Skor Bar

Produced by the Hershey Company, the Skor bar is made up of a slab of toffee covered in milk chocolate. If that sounds familiar, it was created as competition to the Heath Bar in 1981, and even though Hershey eventually acquired the company that made the Heath Bar, they continued production of the Skor Bar, each having its own fan base.

3.Mars Bar

The Mars Bar, made by Mars, Incorporated, is another bar made with nougat, caramel and milk chocolate. It differs from the Snicker Bar because there are no peanuts and it differs from the Milky Way Bar because the nougat is not fluffy and soft. A favorite among many chocolate lovers.

4.Milky Way

The Milky Way bar is another chocolate bar made by Mars, Incorporated. Chocolate malt creamy nougat is covered in caramel and then coated with milk chocolate. There are two versions of the bar; an American Version and a United Kingdom version which is minus the caramel. The bar is airy and light.


The Snickers bar is made by Mars, Incorporated and has been around since 1930. Made up of nougat covered in caramel and peanuts and then coated in milk chocolate. There is a dark chocolate version now too. The snicker bar has been used in cookie recipes to make the yummy Snickerdoodle.


Anyone who's tried Nutella will tell you how addictive it is. A creamy way to spread chocolate on your toast, or on anything for that matter, it is made from cocoa solids, hazelnut, skimmed milk, sugar and vegetable oils. However, no one cares what its made of, just that it tastes amazing.


Aero is a unique chocolate bar where bubble of air are trapped in the chocolate. Made by Nestle, it has a different texture than most bars, with a light, airy feel. The bars come in many styles and flavors, from original to caramel, mint, dark chocolate, white chocolate, latte and crispy.


8.Hershey Bar

The original Hershey Bar is a milk chocolate concoction that has been dubbed "The Great American Chocolate Bar." Made into squares with the name "Hershey's" on each one, you can break off a square or eat the whole bar. In 1894 the company introduced the bars with almonds added to one and peanuts to another.

9.Kit Kat

While Twix has the cookie crunch, Kit Kat has the wafers. Produced by Nestle, Kit Kat is made up of a triple layer of wafer covered with chocolate, milk and now dark. There are four separate fingers connected by a chocolate, that can easily be broken off and eaten alone.



As George Constanza, from the hit television sitcom, Seinfeld, once said, "Twix is the only chocolate bar with the cookie crunch." He's right about that. Twix contains a biscuit finger covered in caramel and the topped with chocolate. The name is derive from "twin sticks" broken down to form Twix.

11.100 Grand Bar

The 100 Grand Bar used to be called the $100,000 Bar. Made by Nestle in 1966, it was named after a game show. Chewy caramel is covered in crunchy chocolate, similar to the chocolate in a Nestle Crunch Bar. If you want to feel rich and snack on rich chocolate, this is the bar for you.

100 Grand Bar-Best Chocolate Products


12.Heath Bar

The Heath Bar was originally made by The Heath company then the Leaf Company, which was then bought by Hershey. A hard, thin slab of toffee is covered in milk chocolate, forming a crunchy taste sensation that is hard to resist. It became so popular that it was incorporated into ice cream and is now a staple at most ice cream parlors as a topping.

Heath Bar-Best Chocolate Products


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