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Best Cookies In The World

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:48 pm

1.Chocolate Nougat - Le Pain Quotidien, Brussels

A great balance of nougat and chocolate, these cookies are unique. The Chocolate Nougat cookie at Le Pain Quotidien, sounds like it should be in France, but you can order them anywhere, and get them in the United States. Nougat that was once reserved for a candy bar makes its debut in cookie.

2.Sand Angels - Batter Bakery - San Francisco

Leave it to California to have a cookie called a Sand Angel, but Battery Bakery in San Francisco has a secret recipe you'll never figure out. Sweet, chewy, crispy and amazing. These cookies really bat it out of the ball park, making our list of one of the best cookies in the world.

3.Black And Whites - William Greenberg, New York City

What bakery is complete with Black And White cookies. It can join families together, and even lovers, with one person eating the white side, while the other eats the chocolate side, but most people can't resisting eating the whole thing themselves. William Greenberg's Baker in New York has set the standard.

4.Homemade Oreo - Flour Bakery, Boston, Massachusetts

Here's another take on the Oreo, from the Flour Bakery, in Boston Massachusetts. Baker Joanne Change must have really loved Oreo's as a kid, because she perfected them and then made them better, and now we all get to have them. A rich, decadent treat, reminiscent of the Whoopie Pie, but tasting all Oreo.

5.Camees - Platine's, Los Angeles

Camees are a grown up version of the Oreo, a creation by baker Jamie Cantor, the founder of Platine's Bakery in Los Angeles. Not crunchy like an oreo, but soft and gooey, with the creamy filling that no one can resist. You may find yourself tearing them apart to lick the filling out of the middle, just like when you were a kid.

6.Chocolate Chip Fleur de Del Cookie - Two Tarts, Portland, Oregon

It may rain a lot in Oregon, but the Chocolate Chip Fleur de Sel Cookies sold at Two Tarts, will bring sunshine to anyone's day. The perfect amount of sweet mixes with the perfect amount of crunch makes for the perfect cookie. If you love chocolate chips cookies, you haven't had the best until you've tried on of these.

7.Vanilla Fingers - Biegerg Bakery, Columbus Ohio

A German village in Columbus, Ohio is home to the Brieberg Baker, open only three months per year, and serving up vanilla fingers to die for. One of the best cookies in the world, you would swear they came straight from Germany, but you can get them in Ohio, during the holiday season.


8.Chocolate Chip Cookie - Sugar, Charleston, South Carolina

The chocolate chip cookie may be a common favorite, but Sugar's Bakeshop makes a chocolate chip cookie that is one of the best in the world. Just the right ratio of chips to cookie, the right amount of sugar, and the perfect amount of crispness to gooeyness. Guess they were right about southern hospitality.

9.Chocolate Cloud Cookie - Baked, Brooklyn

Baked in Brooklyn is a favorite of Oprah Winfrey, and could become a favorite of yours if you try their Chocolate Cloud Cookies. Famous for their Whoopie Pies, the Chocolate Cloud Cookie is what put them on the map and draws a crowd. The cookie is a fudgey, chocolatey, decadent masterpiece.


10.Compost Cookie - Momofuku Milk Bar, New York City

Momofuku's Milk Bar in New York City brings us the Compost Cookie, a gooey concoction made from potato chips, pretzels, and coffee grounds all mixed into their delicious cookie mix. Chef Christina Tosi is the creator these interesting mixes that will are featured in her cookbook. If you've never tried it, you must.

11.Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie - Bleeding Heart Bakery, Chicago

Like bacon? Like chocolate? Like cookies? Then you'll love the Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie at the Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago. The shop's cookies are organic and vegan, making them even more delicious in every way. Bacon in a cookie, now that's pretty amazing, and something you have to try at least once.


12.Giant Chocolately - Sainsbury, United Kingdom

How could something that's called the Giant Chocolately be anything but one of the best cookies in the world. This crisp cookie, that gets ooey gooey in the microwave is a creation of Sainsbury, and a favorite of many. If you love chocolate, you'll love these, they're a taste sensation right out of the packet.


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