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15 Psychological Tricks To Always Get What You Want

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 1:23 pm

If you keep searching for those dating tips or life advices, you should stop it right now! What you are about to read is not some of those simple survival life tips or hacks. These are psychological hacks, and how you can use them to make things work your way. These tricks will help you gain control over people, and make them do what you want. Don't waste time trying to impress people. You can rather make them attracted to you. Here are fifteen amazing psychological tricks that help you win over life and people. 
10.A Simple Way to Gain Trust

If you want someone to trust you, borrow little things from them and return them back. The things can be as little as a pen. When you return them their thing, their brain registers a token of trust on you. Don't shy away from asking people to do little favors for you. It builds trust. 

A Simple Way to Gain Trust-15 Psychological Tricks To Always Get What You Want

11.Finding Your Admirer in a Group

So, who loves you the most in your group? If you want to know the answer, just crack a joke when you are with your friends, and see which person looks at you longer while laughing. He or she is the one who likes you more, and probably wants to be a little closer. 

Finding Your Admirer in a Group-15 Psychological Tricks To Always Get What You Want

12.Right Way to Meet People

If you are meeting a person like a potential buyer or investor for the first time, always meet them at their place. This makes them feel that they are in a comfort zone, and have the situation under control. They will be relaxed, and you can use it to your advantage. 

Right Way to Meet People-15 Psychological Tricks To Always Get What You Want

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