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Best Soups In The World

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 4:56 pm

1.Lobster Bisque - Original Soup Man, New York City

The Original Soup Man Lobster Bisque is a list topper as one of the best soups in the world. As seen in the hit television series, Seinfeld, this soup man is no soup nazi, but he runs a tight ship. With homemade variations of Jambalaya and Mulligatawny Soup, make sure you order and move to the left.

2.Chili - The Daily Soup, New York City

At the Daily Soup in New York City, their chili is one of the best you've tasted in the world. Guest receive unlimited toppings that include scallions, cilantro and jalepeno. It's got just the right amount of kick, and just the right amount of richness, to make it a meal in a bowl.

3.Mish Mosh - Canter's Deli, Los Angeles

A landmark in Los Angeles, Canter's Deli is famous for its chicken soup, but their Mish Mosh Soup is one of the best in the world. Made with rice, noodles and kreplach, it includes a giant matzo ball. It's a taste sensation that has people coming in by the droves.

4.Miso Soup - Halekulani, Honolulu, Hawaii

Most people think that Miso Soup is Miso Soup. After all, most restaurants serve it and it appears as if it is just broth with chunks of tofu and sprinkled with seaweed. That's not the case at Halekulani in Honolulu, where their Miso Soup is made with tofu and clams, in a light and salty broth.

5.Shiromaru Hakata Soup - Ippudo, New York

At Ippudo in New York City, diners are treated to the spectacular Shiromaru Hakata Soup, a delicious pork broth with ginger, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and roasted pork. And, let's not forget the silky ramen noodles that make the dish so rich you can eat it as a meal all by itself.

6.Shrimp And Crab Okra Gumbo - The Bon Ton Cafe, New Orleans

Leave it to Bon Ton Cafe in New Orleans to come up with the best Gumbo recipe in the world. Their Shrimp And Crab Okra Gumbo is unlike any gumbo you've ever tasted and with some hot sauce in it, you will be in another world after just one bite.

7.French Onion Soup - Tornado Club Steakhouse, Madison, Wisconsin

Bubbling gruyere cheese melted over bread in a zesty onion soup, is a favorite at the Tornado Club Steakhouse in Madison, Wisconsin. Typically served with steaks, this soup can stand alone, being a meal in itself for many. One of the best French Onion Soups you've ever had.


8.Black Walnut Soup - The Greenhouse Tavern, Cleveland

Black Walnut soup may not be a soup that you've tried before, and if the first time you have it is at The Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland, Ohio, you are in for a treat you'll not soon forget. Cream based, with a buttery flavor, the Black Walnut Soup is made with a sage chicken stock.

9.Ramen Soup - Urbanbelly, Chicago

Ramen at the Urbanbelly in Chicago is not your traditional ramen dish. With sh!take mushrooms, sliced radishes, hijiki seaweed, there are hints of Japanese and Vietnamese flavors. With braised pork belly topping of the soup, it is a favorite and most requested menu item.


10.Duck Soup - Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, Miami

Adding an Asian flair to duck soup, Michael's Genuine Food & Drink in Miami makes a soup that is out of this world. Using duck meat and duck cracklings in a chicken broth with cilantro, pepper and onion, the soup is hearty and tasty with a zest to it that gives it a unique flavor unlike any other duck soup you've tasted.

11.Coconut Boullabaisse - Bill, Vieques, Puerto Rico

Coconut Boullabaisse is a fish stew with a tropical flair at Bill, in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Using Caribbean lobster, shrimp, ahi tuna, mussels, scallops and conch in a coconut milk and lime soup, the entire thing is served in a coconut shell. One of the best soups you'll ever eat.


12.New England Clam Chowder - Bill's Seafood, Westbrook, CT

New England Clam Chowder is a favorite, especially during the summer months, when people are on the coast. You can't get a better New England Clam Chowder than you can in New England, and Bill's Seafood in Westbrook, Connecticut proves that point. Thick, creamy and packed with chewy clams and potatoes, it tops the best soup in the world list.


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