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Best Wind Is Your Friend Moment

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 7:28 pm

1.Just a blatant blowing up of the skirt

OK so this is just a blatant full on example of the wind catching the bottom part of the dress and blowing it up. There really is not much else that we can say about this image in all honesty.

2.Royalty is not immune

Even royalty runs the risk of being caught out with the wind and their skirt as can just about be seen here with Kate Middleton. Of course they need to be very aware of keeping their modesty because the media would have a field day.

3.Renee Zellweger being caught out

Yes this is Rene Zellweger being caught out with the wind and her skirt, but at least her modesty has been protected by it all being blurred. Well she is certainly being quite cheeky here.

4.Sudden gusts getting in a car

Getting in and out of a vehicle can be quite tricky when you have a skirt and it is windy as can be seen here. It is made even harder when your hands are full and you cannot do anything to hold it down, but that is not a problem for the rest of us.

5.Performances are tricky

This is the moment where your professionalism really does come into its own because how difficult must it be to carry on when your outfit is blowing all over the place? At least it should not have changed her singing.

6.Be thankful for cameras

This is the kind of moment where you are just glad that cameras exist so that they can capture this for eternity. The fact it is Salma Hayek is just an added bonus.

7.Even pop stars are affected

This must be an absolute nightmare for singers or presenters when they go on stage, it is windy, and their skirts start blowing all over the place. Perhaps some prior knowledge of the weather conditions are in order here?


8.It's getting windy

You see it is easy to get caught out with the wind when wearing a skirt, so Ladies need to be paying attention at all times or there may be problems ahead. At least it is different in that it has blown the skirt up at the front.

Yes this may have been staged just slightly, but do we really care about that in the grand scheme of things? Are you not glad that wind can be so wonderful even when it has been manufactured by humans?


10.We love pit girls

Pit girls at motor racing always look fantastic, but then this is just an added bonus with the way that the wind has blown up her skirt. Those are some rather nice tights that she has on.

11.A cheeky glimpse

You see sometimes the wind just has to get up a little bit for it to have a real impact. In this instance it just gives us a cheeky glimpse, but boy is it a nice glimpse.


12.The wind is wonderful

There is no doubt that at certain times the wind really can be wonderful as can be seen here. It helps us to see things that we just do not normally see, but of course it is still all family viewing.


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