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Best Diet Soda Brands

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:25 pm

Loading... 7-Up

diet 7-Up has been around for longer than the diet Sprite brand, but it is lacking that little bit of something with the result being that it is not as good as its main rival. However, if you are a fan of the 7-Up taste, then at least you do have this option available to you.

2.Vanilla Coke Zero

Vanilla Coke has made a bit of a comeback in recent times and that is certainly good to see and this Zero version is also another welcome addition to the diet soda market. Yes it does still taste like vanilla Coke, but luckily for you it will not fill you up with calories.

3.Pepsi Max

Considering the amount of money that has been spent on advertising this particular drink it is amazing to think that it ranks so low in a list of diet soda brands. They have spent vast sums of money on trying to boost its image with only partial success.

4.Coca-Cola Cherry Zero

There is a chance that you have never come across this particular diet drink and in all honesty that is a bit of a tragedy because this is one pretty tasty drink. In all honesty it should be far more popular because cherry Coke is not that unpleasant on its own and this diet version certainly does not let it down. Cherry 7-Up

Cherry 7-Up is not the most popular of drinks, but if you do love that cherry tang, then this diet version could really be up your street. It is certainly a bit of an unusual taste, but hey if you are not getting all of those calories when trying it out what do you have to lose?

6.Sprite Zero

Sprite realized that they had to also do a sugar free version and that has led to it being renamed as Sprite Zero. You are still going to get the lemon and lime taste that you are looking for, but at least you do not have to worry about sky high levels of sugar. A&W Root Beer

Ok so this is probably just going to be something that is popular in the US, but the diet version of this well known root beer brand is certainly quite pleasant on the taste buds. You still get that taste that you are hoping for and it is still just as equally refreshing, so there is no reason why you should not have a nice experience.

Loading... Pepsi

diet Pepsi was of course produced in order to try to take some of the market from diet Coke. It does taste different to the full sugar version, but then you would expect that although it is not unpleasant to drink at all. Mountain Dew

So you are looking for that citrus taste, but do not want the full on hit of sugar, so what do you do? That is easy because you just need to pick up some diet Mountain Dew. You still get that very familiar taste, but at the same time you do not get smacked by all of that sugar.

Loading... Coke

diet Coke feels as if it has been around forever and the surprising thing is that it has not been voted as the top diet soda brand out there. At one stage it was firmly believed that the diet version could outsell the normal version, but even although that is not the case we do still love it in vast quantities.

11.Coca Cola Zero

This diet drink does actually have a lot more taste to it than you may at first think even though it has been stripped of almost everything that you associate with Coke. However, you do still get that same taste without having to worry about the sugar or all of that caffeine, so you are not really missing out on that much.

Loading... Dr Pepper

Ok so surely everybody loves Dr Pepper? However, if you need to watch your sugar intake, then why should you be the one that misses out on that amazing taste? The good news is that help is at hand with a diet version and in all honesty a lot of people see it as actually being even better than the original full sugar version.


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